Monday, June 29, 2009


If you ever want to make playdough - use this recipe from the blog My Montessori Journey. (There are even some really neat ideas for montly themed playdough!) I made this dough today and it turned out BEAUTIFUL!!! (And it was REALLY quick, too!) I have only made playdough once before - Chocolate playdough. I really liked the chocoalte one - but this one is even better. Well, of course it does not smell as good as chocolate. But it is so smooth and - which I like best - NOT STICKY AT ALL!!! Really great. I am very curious to see how it will keep up when stored for a while.
I tried the recipe simply with red food colouring (my daughter chose) and gold glitter. (You have to look really close to see the glitter in the photo.)

I am not the "glittery type of person" usually. But I wanted to make glittery playdough as part of a "treasure" for my daugher's birthday treasure hunt. I think it turned out well ... Am not too sure yet whether I will make the playdough for the birthday party in yellow with glitter or in different colours with glitter ... But at least I know now which recipe I will use!


Lo Christine said...

I'll definitely have to try this! And I'm sure my youngest will want to load it up with glitter:)

Mariah said...

We love making our own play dough! I never thought to add glitter - the girls will love it!

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