Thursday, May 7, 2009

Chocolate play dough and home-made pop tarts

Another busy day today. After a visit to the pediatrician I bought some cream of tartar and we finally tried a recipe for chocolate play dough I found on the blog The idea room. The dough turned out really great! It smells fantastic* and has a really great texture! My daughter was busy for quite a while. Actually long enough for me to make some "real" dough and bake some pop tarts. The recipe was written down at Bake me more. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to make it. From my time in the US I know pop-tarts, like them, but if you do get them overhere they are SO overprized! So I haven't had them in years!
I think for a first attempt with pie crust they turned out pretty well. But I have to try to roll the dough even thinner next time.

*I have to admit that I was a bit worried to give play dough to my kid that would smell and feel like chocolate dough. What if she tries to eat it?! Well, I can say the dough is pretty safe if it comes to being eaten. If your child will try to eat it - he/she will only do it once and you will instantly know! How do I know? No, my daughter did not try it ... Let's just say the door bell rang while I was kneading the dough and I got a little distracted .... *very yucky*


LiEr said...

So clever, home made pop tarts! I can't say that I've actually tried any - must go and buy some from the supermarket tomorrow. But it is always lovely to be able to make something you love to eat but can't buy because you're in a different country! Hope your little one is better!

Miss Muffin said...

Oh, well - I hope you don't thnink I am very weird when you try the pop tarts. They are probably not the "best thing in the world" ... For me it's rather something that reminds me of my stay in the US. It's the same with chocolate. I will go nuts and pay pretty ridiculous prices for a bag of hugs and kisses, if I happen to find one somewhere around here. (Which I haven't in ages - luckily for my wallet!) Everyone living here when trying them is like "Well, why do you buy this stuff?". And I know why they react this way. First time I had them in the US I thought - "Well, if this is THE chocolate they have here. Well, poor people!" I don't want to insult american chocolate or anything - but if you go in any german supermarket and buy the cheapest chocolate you can find - chances are it is better quality than Hershey.(And Germany is not a country known for chocolate! Think of Switzerland and Belgium ... mhhhh )Well, but fact is - over the course of 12 months you get used to stuff and you learn to love things. And I am totally into hugs and kisses, jelly beans (but see me get crazy when my husband brings home a yoghurt with artificial flavouring!!!), skittles, smores, brownies, .... well, you name it! So please don't expect too much of the pop tarts!
(I actually think the homemade ones are even better than the bought ones.)

Bonnie said...

home made pop tarts !! what a great idea !!

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