Friday, April 1, 2011

Mr. Mouse

May I introduce ... Mr. Mouse!

After I made the rabbit-mouse I had to make one "proper" mouse. I love the fabric I chose. White curduroy and red checked cotton. Both are bits from old worn-out and/or cut-up clothes.

Oh, and I added a heart, too. :-)

I have to say - I LOVE how Mr. Mouse turned out. 
Well, guess that is no big surprise ... I totally love everything corduroy and everything checked ... :-)

And as I loved the pattern for the mouse at first sight ... no big surprise I love the outcome I guess.

And I have to say I like handsewing ... It is quite nice to be able to do something that you can carry with you easily ...

Do you do any handsewing at all?
Do you have any free patterns or inspirational links for it?

And just in case if you are wondering ... no, Mr. Mouse is not in my possession any longer. He also got stolen away by little man. 
AND little man insists at the moment to go to bed with his regular stuffed bedtime pal "Gepard" (German word for cheetah) AND the rabbit-mouse AND Mr.Mouse. 
I guess I should stop sewing stuffed animals - or hide them better before he sees them - otherwise there soon will be no more room in the bed for him!

I am sharing this cutie here:

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GardenofDaisies said...

Mr Mouse is very handsome and will be, I'm sure, a very good friend to Rabbit-Mouse. My son was very much like your LIttle Man when he was younger... he slept with Big Lion, Little Lion, Sharkie, Elephant, and I don't know what else. :-)

Sue said...

Mr. Mouse is darling:)

Gingercake said...

Your mouse is great! I am not much of a hand sewer but i know weewonderfuls has some cute ones her blog.

Papgena Made It said...

Oh I love mr mouse althought I think mr rabbit-mouse is a darling!
My daughter sometimes gather 5 or 6 'friends' to sleep with her!! And she hold them all!

MaryAnne said...

That mouse is really cute! No wonder your little man stole him away!

I have some free patterns for hand-sewn felt food here:

And have you seen the Nuno Life blog? There are several free patterns for beautiful hand-sewn toys there - here's the link:

LollyChops said...

Mr. Mouse is so adorable! I love the checked heart!

HOMEmomMADE said...

thanks for linking up!

The party is happening again, Make and Share this Friday! I'd love to have you again!

~ Christy

Anonymous said...

Way too cute! I have the pattern Now I absolutely must make one or two or three!

Love Bustle and Sew!

Mariella said...

Mr Mouse is great!

- - Sheryl - - said...


Misty @Creative Itch said...

Mr. Mouse is adorable!! Thanks for linking @'Sew Cute Tuesday'!

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