Friday, January 14, 2011

Christmas gifts for my kids - part 4: Bean bags

I guess one of my resolutions could  should also be
"Write shorter blog posts"

Starting now! ;-)

Last one of the Christmas presents I have made -  


Well, or bean bags, rice bags, and dried pea bags. :-)

They have 

removeable covers! 

I have been thinking about this idea since little man was born - so now more than one year!!! Took me forever to come up with a good idea. Yet, it is SO simple!

I have to admit something though. I actually did not make these. Hubby did. All that I did was make the pattern and sew on the applique bits. I was so keen to try some free motion embroidery. Is that even what it is called?
It is certainly nowhere near good enough to start free motion quilting or anything. But I suppose it could be worse. ;-)

I am planning to make more, take pictures and put up a tutorial on how to make them as I only have found two tutorials on how to make bean bags with removeable covers:

They are both great tutorials. I just was too lazy not keen on sewing velcro or button holes. :-)

So I came up with an option that uses NEITHER! :-)

Will show you soon most likely after Valentine ...

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you!
Making bean bags is an awesome RECYCLING project. You can use pretty much anything made out of fabric for them. ;-)


Papgena Made It said...

I have a confesion to make: I don't understand how a child plays with bean bags! :(
I see them, all the time in blogland but, I don't understand: what do you do with a bean bag if you are a child? can you tell me, please!
(by the way they look lovely!)

Sue said...

You were one busy Elf! :)What cute bean bags!

Amanda said...

These are fab, been meaning to make these for my boys, and washable covers might just be the thing to convince me! Thanks for sharing!

the 30 girl said...

I so need to make some of these! Thanks for sharing!

RedTedArt said...

These are lovely and I love it when people make gifts for the kids!

I would LOVE for you to join us at Kids Get Crafty (every Wednesday on Red Ted Art) - current link up
Hope to see you there!


AllieMakes! said...

Great job! On my machine it is called "free motion quilting" or "spring motion quilting"... I think you can call it what even you like :)
Thank you for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you are going to lnk up next week!

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