Monday, January 10, 2011

Resolutions AND repurposing LINKY PARTY

Last week was kinda rough and posting slow ... hope it will get a bit better again this week.
But on the positive side - I had just an awesome day yesterday!

So I feel ready for a new week! :-)

I actually wanted to FINALLY post about the  

cute hooded scarf

  I made for my daughter for Christmas. The post is all ready to go.
But I still have to take a good shot of her wearing it ...
So need to wait until she gets home from kindergarten this afternoon.
Hoping it will not be too dark then to take some photos.

Until then I figured I might chip in a quick post about 

New Year's Resolutions. 

I know it is a bit late. But I figured better late than never. ;-)

Last year I had so many resolutions. Too many. I should have known. Anyway. I did quite well on some. Not so well on others. This year I want to make it easy. Of course I have many goals and things I wanna try, do, make better ...
But I will only have ONE resolution. But an important one.


When trying to find our Christmas boxes and the next size of clothes for little man I once again realized we have WAY TOO MUCH STUFF!

WAY too much stuff!
And since we might be moving sometime this year - and if not this year then pretty sure next year - we have to reduce it! A LOT!

And when I read this nice post at Somewhat simple about how she sorted out her clothes I felt kinda inspired. :-)
Thing is I find it really really hard to get rid of things.
I can not throw things away that are fine. Even if I am not using them (anymore).
And with most things I think - I can reuse it, recycle it, make something else of it!

I might need it some day!
The really bad part of this is - I am often right!
Which of course makes me more reluctant to get rid of things.
But the other side is of course - trying to reuse all things that we have accumulated this far would take FOREVER! I simply do not have that kind of time!

So, this year I will try to get rid of as much stuff as possible. 

Including reusing as much stuff as possible in projects.

(And try not to get new stuff!!!!)

I figured in order to stick with it I will try to post some recycling projects I did each month.
I first thought I will try to challenge myself to one project a week.
But life with two kids can get quite stressful at times. So I do not want to put that much extra pressure on myself.
But I will try to post - let us say - at least 3 projects each month.
It is not that much - but it is something.

Also I figured it would be nice to have resource for recycling projects and maybe other people are doing similar things throughout the year ... so I decided that I would create a

repurposing linky party

you can add all your 

I will leave it open all year so you can come back and check it out as it grows ... and of course come back and link up new projects that you are doing! 

I will put it on an extra page HERE - so it is easy to find and always "on the top" :-)

Now, I have to tell you I am SO excited! I have been wanting to do a linky party for a while now ... but did not have a great idea. And I feel a bit nervous now.

Please do not disappoint me - and LINK UP!

Old projects are very welcome as well as new ones!
Would be sad to party on my own. :-(

I will also feature projects from that link more or less regularly.
Oh, and I will also create some cute buttons. Just might take me a bit ... will let you know!

Also - any ideas for me on how to make it easier getting rid of stuff without repurposing?
Please share them in the comments!!! 
They are HIGHLY appreciated!


Charlene S said...

My way is to move the sorted bags closer to the my case the never used den. After a while, I sort again and many bags go out the door. My DH & DGD#2 sometimes/often move bags out the door when they are going to Goodwill. That way I don't miss them b/c I have forgotten what is really in those bags.

Papgena Made It said...

I have the same problem!!! To much staff!!! I'm trying to repurpose also and if I see that the clothes of my daughter don't fit anymore, I do a choice (I try to be realistic), what I see that I cannot or don't have time to do something else, I giveaway.
I also sort toys, periodically, what she doesn't use anymore I give away (last christmas I donnate to our city's hospital). I try not to buy things for me. I'm making a conscious effort to figure out if I really need anything. Gifts I receive that I know I will not use, I try to keep the original package and I gaveaway too (those kind of last minute gifts). But, still...I thik we have too much yet!

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