Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year's Resolutions 2010

Okay, here comes the long list of resolutions I have for this year. It's really quite long ... but I have many plans for this year ... :-)

1. Keep in mind that the most important thing to accomplish during each day is to take care of my kids!!!
This really is important cause once I get an idea for a craft projects in mind I can get really involved and want to work on it all day long ...

2. Get our apartment better organized.
I HATE searching for stuff!

3. Learn more about photography.

4. Learn about digital scrapbooking.

5. Do more activities to get to know the area we live in.

6. SELL stuff we don't need anymore on ebay.

7. Try to dress nicely (at least most of the time) even though I am not going to work.
I will stay at home with our baby boy.

8. Finally find a way to organize my craft supplies (including sewing, knitting, crocheting etc.)!!!

9. Manage our finances! Try to spend less and find a way how to earn some extra money.
As I will be staying home with the baby we will at some point have to live on one income ...

10. Sew at least one thing out of each sewing book I got 2009.

11. Try to reduce my fabric stash/ clothes stash for repurposing by half.
Am not sure how realistic this goal is ...

12. Learn how to use Gimp.
So if anyboday knows about good tutorials or how-to sites ... please send them my way! :-)

13. Learn more about blogging.

14. Finally start putting together photo books with all the pictures I own!
There are thousands - no kidding! I want to complete at least one photobook with digital pictures and one with the paper prints I have lying around in boxes.

14. Send more letters, postcards, and packages to friends and family.
If sending anything for special occasions (like birthdays) - send it on time.

15. Workout regularly!!!
I am going for at least once a week! I know there will be times where this won't be possible. But I am hoping that there will also be times where I will workout twice a week or even more ... I really need to get into some kind of routine. And I would love to finally take a yoga class to properly learn it but will have to see how things go with my baby boy. He is VERY VERY attached to me and I am wondering when I will be able to get away without him for 1-2 hours ...

So, these are really many goals ... but the really scary thing is that I could easily come up with more! I definitely think this year will be very exciting ... and am really curious! :-)

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Lo Christine said...

Great list! I think you can definitely accomplish all these:)

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