Thursday, January 27, 2011

Spring Challenge

A while back I send those pictures from the apron skirt photo shoot to participate in a 

I thought the bouncy picture looked kinda "springy" ... in a word-play-kinda-way. ;-)

Anyway, all the photos of the contestants are up at 

 - which is such a beautiful blog by the way. So go over, vote, and have a look around!

I am just loving this beautiful scarf tutorial.

And to all those waiting for an email from me ... Little one was sick again. AGAIN! Last couple days I was just exhausted, tired, sad, ... It just felt kinda too much. So I was not on my computer alot. He is feeling alot better today - so I am hoping to get back to "normal" soon. 
And hoping that "normal" does not involve pediatrician visits on a daily basis! ;-)


Sue said...

You got my vote!

Papgena Made It said...

I vote on you!
Hope your little boy is better!!!

Mutti said...

Your 'Springy' idea was very clever! Your daughter is absolutely beautiful! She is growing up! They do that! Enjoy every moment as too soon they are grown and gone... Sorry I didn't find this sooner as it was all over when I went to vote for you. Hope you are all well and having fun. Hugs from Colorado to you!

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