Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fabric design contest

For those who remember that fabric design contest that I told you about ... and made you vote for me ...
I am so sorry that I did not update you on it sooner!

Well, I did not win. 

Otherwise I would have certainly told you earlier! And I did not win by far ....

But, the good news is ... now Stoffn is holding contests regularly. YEAH!
Yes, I am seriously excited about that. It does become kinda addicting ...
It is really fun! I love to create designs!
Or in other words doodle, make my husband scan and arrange it the way I want it. I did color it myself this time though! 

I have to learn so much about using GIMP. I would really love to be able to draw directly using my computer ... but I really really am totally crap doing that.

Anyway, so at the moment there is a contest running and the theme is food. Well, I HAD to join and HAD to draw muffins of course. This is what I entered

... and actually this time it does not look as bad as last time ...
My votes I mean.

Also this time it is alot easier to vote - you do not have to sign up or anything.
Just go to the website, find my entry ;-) and klick "Gefällt mir" (which is German and means I like it)
That is it!

I am not going to make you vote for me again. I am feeling a bit stupid and bad after last time ...
But if you somehow feel the urge to vote for me anyway ... I am not going to stand in your way. ;-)

One of these days I really have to order myself some fabric from Stoffn. The more I look at their website and think about it the more ideas pop into my head what I could do ... just have to get them sorted. And who knows, maybe I will get some gift certificates for Christmas. I will definitely put that on my list! Santa, do you hear me?!

Do you guys have similar services where you can get your own designs printed on fabric in your country? And have you ever used them?


Tanya said...

I voted! Your design is really cute!

You might also try for printed fabrics.

Sue said...

I voted for you! I think you are doing well with the votes!

Hands Sew Full said...

Well Ms. Muffin....I think your fabric is really cute so I voted for you! I have no idea if we can get fabric printed in Canada with our own designs? I have heard small snippits of blog talk that maybe it can be done in the states but not here as far as I know. Hope you win!

shobelle said...

We do have a website here you can upload your design and they print your design onto fabric for you.

I had to look it up, but it's called Spoonflower:

Pretty nifty!!


That brilliant! I love cupcakes!
Ive nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award. Details over on my blog if you fancy taking part (although I know you are mega busy just now and might not have the time). x

Papgena Made It said...

I voted for you! I like your cupcakes!! :D
I don't think that we can have fabric print here in Portugal...sadly!!!

Ms Muffin said...

@ Papagena:
Thanks for your vote!
And btw, I know that sends out to all countries in Europe. But I think the website itself is in German only. But if you ever want to I could help you and translate...

@ all the others:
Thank you so much for voting! You guys are just lovely!

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