Monday, September 20, 2010

Please VOTE for me!

Remember I told you about the fabric I designed
And remember that I threatened that I would ask you for your help when the voting starts?

Well, NOW is that time! :-)

Voting started today - so PRETTY PLEASE WITH CHERRY ON TOP - if you are on facebook - vote for any or all of my designs. 
(If you are not registered on facebook unfortunately you can not vote.)

Basically what you have to do is go to this SITE - they are hosting the contest (it is the profile page of DAWANDA which is similar to etsy). I think in order to be able to vote you have to LIKE them. (At least it did not work otherwise for me.) So all you do is hit the LIKE button that should be somewhere at the top.
Then you can go directly to my entries and LIKE them as well (the like button should be right underneat the "photo")

It would be SO awesome if you could help me out!

If my description was in any way confusing or there are other questions just ask them in the comments!



Anonymous said...

Done! I voted for your big tea cups - they're so cute. I've really enjoyed your tea related round-up and it was a pleasure to be able to say thank you by voting for you.
Viel Gluck! (I can't work out how to put an umlaut over the "u"!).


Done! x

Sue said...

I really do like your fabrics! I went and "liked" all four of them:)

Purple Photokitty said...

I liked all 4 of them. They are wonderful!

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