Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Total bribery - or THANK YOU for voting

So I was thinking ....
I really wanna win this

- and if I win it would be great as I would get my own design printed. 

But what is in it for you?

So I decided IF I win (meaning if I am the first, second or third winner) I will give to one person of you 
- who voted and therefore helped me win - 
30cm of the fabric that I win. 

I am not too sure but I think that would be one or two fat quarters (depending on how wide the fabric is).

And for those of you who are not that much into psychedelic purple teacups ;-) I will put together up to 500g of  

(cause that amount is what I can send witout total breaking my budget - mailing in Germany is really expensive!)
Who does not like chocolate?! 
I will contact you and ask you what you like - dark, milk chocolate, nuts or raisins ... whatever. German, Swiss, Belgium chocolate ... they are all amazing, so I am sure you will love it!

Each of your votes will count as one entry toward the chocolate/ fabric draw!
(So if you vote for one design that is one entry - if you vote for all four you get four entries.)

I  wish I would be able to give all of you chocolate! 
But if I would do that I would be left broke ... and would not be able to blog anymore ... so I guess you DO NOT WANT THAT!? 
*please nod here*

Thanks to all who have already voted for me! That is SO SO SO SWEET of you!
If you have not done so already please leave a comment telling me which designs you voted for here or under this post
and I will put you in the chocolate/ fabric draw. :-)
And all others - please vote and tell all your friends and friends of friends ... to vote! :-)
As a matter of fact, if you blog about this to get others to vote for me I will put you into the draw 3 extra times.
Please again tell me in a comment if you blogged about it so I know about it.

Now is that bribery or a nice way of saying thanks ... I can not make up my mind ...

To be honest - I have no idea how long the voting goes and could not find anything about that ... so ... just in case ...hurry. :-)


Missy said...

I voted for all 4 of your designs! Good luck!

alajnabiya said...

I voted for all 4, but I love the teacups best! I have really been enjoying all the tea related posts.


I voted for all 4 this morning although I also like the teacups best. Hope you win!! x

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