Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A word ahead ...

before the actual tea lovers' roundup starts

Okay, before the actual roundup starts ... here is how it will work. Well, hopefully anyway. :-)

After much debate with myself - are you not talking to yourself? - I have decided that I will give each project that I have permission to show a photo of it's own post. So I will try to do - at least - one post a day. I was at first thinking of posting several projects per post and organize them by theme ... but in order to get all the permissions for photoshowing in time I would have had to start WAY earlier. So this is to save my own sanity. Also I think it is nicer to actually give each project its own post! They are all definitely worth it!

The thing is - I have by now already more than 30 projects. So I will sometimes post more than one post a day ... and maybe I will simply extend it a bit into October ... Also I will have a big long post of MANY links to tea-related projects (which I did not feature - there are simply too many) at the end of the month as a resource to check out. How does that sound?

But please - if there is a new day and no post - be patient! :-) I have two kids and there is a limit to all the planning you can do with two kids.


I also wanted to thank all those people that have regular roundups and feature other people! Wow, I never realized how much work it is to do so? I wrote emails to so many people during the last weeks in order to be allowed to use photos and such ... I would have never thought how time consuming this could get.
But I also have to say - I so loved this! I enjoyed the whole link-collecting and email-writing so much - I met SO MANY GREAT PEOPLE! 
I mean I already knew that crafty bloggers share an awesome community! But - wow - what happened when I asked people whether it would be fine to feature them ...
I got only sweet and lovely emails back. 
You'll see! :-) 
There might be a surprise coming up, too ... so keep checking!

By the way - if you do enjoy my tea theme month please feel free to share it with your readers, too! I'd be happy if you spread the word! 
You can use my button - but you can of course also just write about it ... whatever you feel like ... :-)


Enoyed this? Please spread the word!


Megan said...

I'm really looking forward to your tea roundup! I hope I'll get some ideas for myself and Christmas gifts. I'm off to share your button on my blog!

Papgena Made It said...

I posted about it today!!!

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