Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fun in a SQUARE box

Okay, maybe not all people consider a cake pan - even a square one - fun. But I do! :-)

Some of you might remember how I complained about not having a square cake pan and  how it was hard to find a reasonably priced one here in Germany.

Look what I found last week in a discount chain store:

And it was half the price of the cheapest one I saw on amazon. I payed about 8 Euros.
I am quite happy now that I did not buy that amazone-one straight away when I saw it. 
Sometimes being patient - or having a husband who does not get the greatness of a square cake and does not want you to spend so much money on a square pan - does pay off!

Can you imagine how happy this made me?!
I can't wait to try it!


D@nielle said...

I have one too so I can imagine how happy you were, the shape is just so cute !

Care said...

wooooooo!! The long wait finally pays off!! :o) Can't wait to see what square creations you come up with!!

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