Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pippi Longstocking topsy turvy cake

Okay, you already saw this bit. It's the top - or topper - of the Pippi cake I made. And yes, it is Pippi sleeping.

May I draw your attention to the fact that her shoes rest on her pillow instead of her head - as this is the way Pippi always sleeps!

Sorry, but I so loved that detail.

Now this is the whole cake. It is very topsy turvy ... I was very scared that it might fall apart over night!

I wanted the cake to be really colorful! So I ended up making each layer a different color and just using cut out fondant-circles and small candies to decorate it. Little bear loved the candies the most! I really loved the tiny balls that I did but they took forever!
So as I ran out of time I ended up not doing that for the biggest layer and instead just put down a string of fondant ... Which is not half as cute but way quicker.

Oh, well ... I am not too proud of this one. But after I had made it I could not bear to toss it ...
And as I knew that little bear is rather forgiving ... I put it on the cake. 
It was the first thing to be aten!
Poor little thing!

I hope - given that you know it's a Pippi cake and you know Pippi - that you can tell that it is a little monkey.

You can probably not tell from the photos - but this is not a full blown cake. It is rather a mini-version of a topsy turvy cake.

I used a jumbo muffin as the smalles tier, a tiny miniature round cake as the middle tier and a cake that is half the size of a regular one as the biggest tier.

I had read the tutorial on how to do a topsy turvy cake on Sew Can Do and found it really helpful. I especially loved the tip about using ganache instead of icing. It worked beautifully. I used this ganach recipe and it was GREAT!
I have tried to make ganache before and it had not worked out. I can not believe how easy it actually is!

As the individual layers were really small I figured I would just stick them together. No cake boards in between. The fun thing was as there were no cake boards in between the layers I could slice a huge piece of cake! From top to bottom! Look:

Sorry, I know that picture is not very good. 
But I really wanted to show you the inside ... and unfortunately hosting a party with a bunch of kids and having to take care of a little under one year old does not allow for much time to take photos! :-(

 I simply just wrapped each layer in fondant - totally messed up the first one I did which was the smallest tier :-( - and stuck them together. It worked!!! I was afraid it might slide apart over night. But everything was still were it was supposed to be in the morning!

Even Pippi was still asleep. ;-)

Post of the whole party following soon ...


Melanie said...

Truly adorable! I loved the monkey on sight!

Cheryl said...

I love the bed & the monkey - congrats on your first topsy turvy cake!!

Care said...

It's fantastic!!

Ashlee @ I'm Topsy Turvy said...

It turned out great! Thanks for the link up! I'm glad it went well for you! Those smaller layers are hard because they are so light. It looks nice!

Sue said...

I knew right away that was a monkey! I love the cake! You really did an awesome job! The topper is adorable, and I love the topsy-turviness(?)and the little balls!

Papgena Made It said...

oh my!! Looks delicious! And I love the colours! I have to find the books and get to know the story (but I reconize the monkey!!)

Aunt Spicy said...

What a super fun cake!

Lo Christine said...

This is amazing! Love it!

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