Monday, June 28, 2010


Finally! ;-)
Are you excited? Well, I am! :-)
Since it took so long for me to finally get this post done I am going to TRY to make this short.

Here is what you can win:

Some of my sewing pins. I hope you like them.
And this is what you have to do to win:

Help me out! Leave a comment and send me some good ideas, tipps, suggestions, tutorials, recipes, pictures ... for a Pippi Longstocking Party for a 5year old girl!!! Anything really - food, decoration, cake, party games, invitations, ... whatever you can think of.

(If you want to REALLY work on this ... This is going to be the birthday party for my daughter who will turn 5 at the end of July. This is how far I am with the party planning: I am working on a Pippi Longstocking outfit for her at the moment and am planning to make a stick horse/ hobby horse as one of her gifts. There is going to be a "family party" and a "kid's party" with probably 2-4 other girls. 
I am planning to make a big Pippi cake for the family party - have no real idea yet what that one should look like though. Maybe just a really colorful topsy turvy one? And for the kid's party I am planning to make several small cakes like in the book where Pippi celebrates her birthday. But also no real idea what those small cakes should look like. I think I should plan some games for the kid's party ... any suggestions would be really helpful. Also if you have an idea for small prices to give out when playing games. I am thinking about making some Pippi Longstocking paper dolls ...)

There are going to be TWO winners (obviously, as I am going to give away two sets of pins).

Winner 1:

 I will pick the comment that I like best - so give it your best shot! :-)
I know, it's totally subjective. I'm sorry. But that is why there will be a winner 2.

Winner 2:

To not discourage you I will pick a second winner randomly. So totally objective! :-) Depending on how many people enter either my daughter will pick one or the random number generator will have to do the job.

You do not have to leave another comment - all comments with party ideas automatically have two chances of winning.
So even if you think you do not have such great ideas - which I doubt - you still can win. And if you become (or are) a follower you even get an extra entry for the second drawing. :-) Just let me know in an extra comment that you are following my blog.

The giveaway is open worldwide and I will leave it open until the 5th of July! (I will close it 9pm my time next Monday.)
Again, there will be two winners - one selected based on the comment and one selected randomly. You can leave up to two comments depending on whether you follow me or not. And do not worry if your comments do not show up - I will publish your comments after the giveaway is over - so no peeking. ;-)
Oh, of course you should make sure that I have a way of contacting you - in case you win. So if I can not directly reply to your comments - make sure you include an email-address or that it is visible for me on your blog.

Now good luck to everyone!!!  
 And if you want to spread the word - you are very welcome to link to this post!  :-)

P.S. While you are here it would be really nice if you would go over to SewHappy and vote for a winner of the bib challenge. I also entered two bibs ... (voting open until the 30th of June)


Missy said...

I love this idea for a party! I have red hair and was always called pippi longstocking growing up. If your daughter's hair is long enough, braid it in two brwids and have it stick out using a metal hanger. My mom has done that to my hair before.
Here are some great suggestions:
You have to have freckles on everybody, you can have all the kids come dressed as their favorite character from the books, it could even be the monkey or the horse! All kids love costume parties.
I think a topsy turvy cake with the horse and the monkey would be very cute! You could find out what her favorite flavor cka eis maybe. If you can model people out of fondant you could put Pippi on top, the monkey on the second tier, and the horse on the bottom tier.
I love the apron, maybe the kids could all decorate an apron to look like Pippi's. You can either cut the material out before hand, or just buy a premade one (it wouldn't look like Pippi's, but that's ok).
It sounds like a lot of fun!

Aunt Spicy said...

Would it be difficult to make/buy smocks like the ones she wore? Or make one red braided wig, take a picture of each girl in it, and then during the party print the pictures and put them in a card for them to take away...what a fun party idea!

Sue Sparks said...

We did a Pippy Longstocking outfit in college. We braided our hair and put wire through the braids to make them stick out! :)
Pin the braid(s) on Pippy would be a cute game.
For the cake you could make Pippy's face (with a round cake, of course)and then add fondant braids:) Just a couple of ideas:) Have fun!

RoseInBloom said...

The FIRST thing to do is make sure your daughter has some rockin' Pippi braids. The best one I ever saw was made out of red yarn and a twisted coat hanger. The wearer tacked the yarn onto a wig cap, with a part down the middle, and then tied each side into a pigtail, then braided the pigtails. Then she cut up a wire coat hanger, rounded the ends, and poked them into the braids at crazy angles to ensure the perfect flyaway look. If you wanted to look a little more realistic, you could easily braid a plain red wig (or an Anne of Green Gables wig)and add your own wires, but I think the yarn has more of a fun, homemade feel.

I also like the idea of paper dolls as party favors, though perhaps it might be helpful to laminate them so they don't get destroyed by the inevitable spilled cake and ice cream, or accidentally ripped. That puts a real damper on the party!

Hope this helps!

Andreia Costa said...

you can put the kids decorating socks, or you can do braids in the children and take pictures when they're in the air while jumping, being similar to Pippi Longstocking in the photos.
Good luck!!

PS:Excuse the mistakes, but I'm Portuguese and I do not know English very well.

Andreia Costa said...

you can put the children to decorate stockings,
or you can do braids at the children and take pictures when they're in air while jumping, getting to look like Pippi Longstocking in the photos.
With these memories they will not forget the party.
good luck!!

PS:Excuse the mistakes, but I'm Portuguese and I do not know English very well

cathy said...

I just love those pins. Maybe the tops will be big enough to allow my old fingers to grip them easily. They will brighten up any sewing day.

Anonymous said...

Here are a few suggestions:
1. When the kids arrive, paint freckles on them.
2. Pippi does not let people walk on the kitchen floor, make a game and put shapes all over the floor and the kids can only walk on those.
3. Pippi gives gifts to her guests, make little trinkets to pass out.
4. Braid the guests hair if possible.
5. Have a scavanger hunt for little candys which are Pippis favorites.
I hope that starts your ideas rolling

Ka - Craft e Coisas Mais said...

Yay!!! 5 years old. great age. Well.. ideas.
U could do a treasure hunt. i know the party is gonna be in ur house but, u could hide 2 things, split the girls to make groups, N give 1 hint to each group, (easy ones of course). And a hint leads to another hint, n finally to the treasure. The group who find first wins a prize. also, u could make lil muffins n let they decorate. U could do a fashion contest (girls always like this stuff)or a Pippi outfit contest, give then lil purse with pippi photo on it... Well, just ideas. =)I hope u get a lot of ideas!!! cheers
Oh, in case i (hopefully) Win (yay)my email is

Ka - Craft e Coisas Mais said...

oh, i'm a follower =D

liniecat said...

lolol Like the idea of picking our brains........... reckon I would make sure I had a huge box of tissues handy, theres bound to be someone who cries ( it may even be you!) and alka seltzer or your equivalent. Its the fizzy drink you take when youve eaten way too much and are all bloated ( again it may be you who need it!)
OH! And bottles of pickmeup wine, white in the fridge or red on top of it, so you can have a glug in between chasing rounds like a proverbial fly !
Hope you really enjoy it as much as your 5 year old, who will I am certain, whatever you do for her. :)

Anonymous said...

When the party goers arrive, paint freckles on everyone's faces!


singtatter said...

Since Pippi takes great pleasure in giving her own guests tinker gifts, either your little girl can start making some soft clay ornaments (attach a manget, glue a brooch pin) together with the family for some bonding time together, or everyone in the party can make the clay ornaments together.

Wishing your girl a great birthday and party!

LIZ said...

hi,I would love to participate in this giveaway,I'm your follower through Google Friend Connect..

email me :)

thankies for helding this sweet giveaway

Jess said...

Very cute giveaway! So glad to have stumbled upon your blog :) I think a Pippi party sounds like great fun! Definitely freckled face paint and braids for everyone! I also found some cute ideas on these sites:

I'm not too familiar with Pippi Longstocking (I have a Fancy Nancy obsessed almost 3 year old!), but I hope these ideas help!

peanut2princess at yahoo dot com

Care said...

Pippi Longstocking! That's a tough one -- it's been Y~E~A~R~S since I've read that book! But I SO want those tiny pins, so I am going to have to do a little research! I'll be back! :o)

Liz, love. said...

you should have all the kids dress up for the party.
If kids running around gets hectic put on the movie so the kids can settle down and watch it...

Digital Misfit said...

What a fun idea for a party!
I think wired yarn braids on a headband are a MUST for the birthday girl - or even the guests. Mismatched socks for the guests would be so cute (dollar stores are great for this). Include the "other pair" of mismatched socks in the goodie bag so each child goes home with 2 new pairs.


Stephanie and Carlos said...

Am I your first commentor wow no pressure hey!!

My husband and I just did a quick brain storm... Craft wise we thought about a cap/hat then adding pipe cleaners to get the pippi effect!! I would give it a go!!! I would go out and buy leggings and get the kids to paint stripes on them...only because I would won't to make a pair too!!! Hehe

I'll leave it there... Love your pins completely I am thinking I should start collect handmade ones...

Xo Steph

JennTRC said...

pipe cleaners would work for their hair to bend their braids :)

maybe you could make a pin the braid on pippie game?

jrerwin6 at gmail dot com

Jackie said...

you could have the kids dress in mismatched socks or striped socks like pippi. how about a pinada from cardboard box.
you could make some party hats and put the hair in pig tails like pippi. am thinking a pippi party should have lots of energy songs and games going on.
cute pins i would love to win.

Lexi's Mommy said...

ooooh! If there are a bunch of little girls attending you could braid their hair like pipi and put sparkles in their hair and tie the braids in cute ribbon :) and have legwarmers as party gifts and have cute tiny monkey stuffed animals, and have the girls make their own beaded bracelets with mismatching beads :) ohh and you can make the gift bags yourself like make a small tote bag for each girl with patch work on it!

Sorry I love themed parties lol I hope that ave you some party ideas!!

Ashley Randall said...

I am new to your blog, but it will be a fun chance to get my juices flowing for your party. One idea would be to have your cone party hats with wired hair coming out of them like pippi does. For a party could include chocolate coins because that is what she treasures. You could also create clues that lead the part all over your house/yard and have the treasure of sorts be at the end because pippi is always going on adventures. Well that's all I have for now!

MandeeFranee said...

ok I only have boys so bear with me, I'm winging it here.

when my kids were little I often made my own 'pin the tail' games to go with the theme of the party. If you (or anyone who might want to do you a favor) have any artistic skills you could draw your own Pippi on a posterboard then make 'tails' (her braids obviously) for each of the children... blindfold and let them pin away (with a piece of double sided tape on the back of each tail). OR if you don't want to draw, just have a photo pf your daughter blown up to poster size and they could pin the tails to her. :)

you could do "make-overs" for all the girls... get yourself some pipe cleaners or floral wire, braid it into their hair so they can be Pippi too! ;)

Love the idea of the topsy turvy cake. For the kids party... I would do maybe mini cakes/jumbo cupcakes. I got a muffin tin at Michaels that makes HUGE muffins... you could make one for each of the kids. Maybe they each could decorate their own as one of the activities. Different colored frostings and sprinkles and what not.

No idea on prizes... sorry, like I said. BOYS! ;)

SheilaC said...

Since there are only going to be about 5 girls, can you provide a Pippi costume for each one?

Little braids, face paint.... nothing too $$.

Then you could take pictures of the group for their goody bag to take home!

Those pins are just TOO cute :)


Kelly O. said...

after a quick search on the net I came across these.... hope they help,2551,1-9696-1418,00.html

as far as cakes, I think I'd make cupcakes with nilla cookies as pippi's face and use edible markers to draw the face on and then use fondant to make her orange braids....
or even easier, cupcakes with orange icing littered with penny candies and make cupcake topper sticks with toothpicks and pictures of pippi...

as far as a large cake.... I think I would make another cake littered with penny candies and then insert chocolate coins into the cake through the sides of the baked cake so that every piece will get at least one coin kind of like a treasure hunt...then ice as ususal :)
you could even insert one in the center of a cupcake before you ice it :)

(my mom used to do this with real money wrapped in wax paper or saran and then we just reminded everyone to eat carefully )

good luck!

Elizabeth said...

These are adorable. I think that a cake, draped in white fondant (1 bag of mini marshmallows melted in the microwave, gradually stir in 2 lbs of sifted powdered sugar, knead until elastic and doesnt tear...oh yeah, grease up your hands and work surface with crisco too)with red stripes and a denim patchwork laid across would be too cute. You could embelish with a figurine of her monkey or even put her lifting up a house or something crazy like that. I loved Pippy as a child growing up. Another fun thing to do would be to make several orange yarn wigs, braided with some wire in them for all of the kids to wear instead of party hats. Have fun at the party and looking forwar to some pictures.


Elizabeth said...

I just became a follower of your too.


Susie and Cody said...

Oh I am a new follower and I meant to put my email on the other one:

Susie and Cody said...

The kids could make sock puppet pippy longstockings. (with socks that look like Pippy's)

These pins are adorable! I have a pincushion that I plan on making for my friend's birthday and these pins would be perfect to go with it! So i REALLY want to win :)

becks said...

maybe you could incorporate the red and white stripes from her shirt as a continuing design element?

great idea though!

squirrelgonutz [at] yahoo [dot] com

Erin said...

Well, I'm quite sure you've already done this, but I did a quick search on Etsy for "Pippi Longstocking" and found all sorts of adorable things! My favorite is this PDF crochet pattern. I think your daughter needs one of these for sure![]=tags&includes[]=title

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE Pippi Longstocking!! I remember when I was in grade school going and seeing a Pippi Longstocking play at the children's theatre. I was quite the giddy child :)

Okay, so lets talk PARTY!! :D

I think that your idea for the topsy turvy cake is genius! As far as how the cake should be decorated i think it would be so cute if each cake layer mimicked Pippi's a part of her outfit (mismatched socks, patched dress, bows in her hair, etc).

And of course every party needs to have games, yes? Remember when Pippi cleans the floor with brushes on her feet? How fun would it be to have the girls have sort of race with brushes on their feet! You can also revamp the old fashion game of pin the tail on the donkey by using either her monkey Mr. Nilsson or her horse. You can also let them create their own crazy stories by playing Mad Libs with them (the adults can really get in on this fun too)!

For party favors you can create Pippi braids out of headbands, wire, and yarn. Throw in some crazy mismatched socks and an eye patch and you've got yourself some pretty stinkin' cute Pippis! You can even fashion your own photo station having the kids (and adults) show off their super human strength by lifting extremely heavy objects made of of not so heavy materials. (Think a 100,000 lb barbell made out of a paper towel roll and rubber balls, all painted black)

Hope these ideas help! It was sooo much fun coming up with them!

mruna said...

Have the girls dress up as Pippi!
That would be fun i suppose!

mrunamistry at gmail dot com

KristyMN said...

Love your blog! You should find some striped stockings for game prizes! Or maybe some "yarn" braided pig tails for the guests to wear? What a fun party idea. :)

Little Cooties said...

WOW!! those teeeny tiiiiiny pins are gorgeous!
I was thinking you could pin the piggy tail on pippy as one game.
here are some badges that you can give out as a prize for that
you could have pass the parcel and along with the paper doll pippy (which I was thinking could be a line drawing - not coloured in), give away some crayons or coloured pencils, or as the girls are older, maybe some of those shimmery pens you can buy from crayola.
here is a wig that you could buy for your daughters outfil:

and here is some fabric you can make perhaps some small purses with?

Anyway, good luck with it all, I am planning my daughters 3 y.o. party and am at a loss!

Little Cooties said...

And now... I'm following you!

lips said...

I am also now a follower! Yeah for another chance to win cute pins!

lips said...

Hi - I would make some very cute clip on red braids - braid a pipe cleaner in the braid and they can bend and be super cute like Pippi!
I hope the party is fun for your daughter - its a very cute theme.
Thanks for the chance to win. I love your pins.

Amanda Pedro said...

what awesome pins! Makes me smile.
All I remember about Pippi when I was younger was her stockings and adventures with uncle? on a pirate ship. can you make that part of the party? Or is today's rendition of Pippi not about that at all?
good luck on the party.
thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Oh! And my email address is :)

Papgena Made It said...

I have a problem with your request: I never read the Pippi Longstocking's books. I saw a tv series when I was a child and I only remember two things: she were 2 pansies and used stripped long socks! So, with that in mind I think the cake could be in a long sock shape or the face of a girl with 2 pansies. If you want, check what I did to my daughter's birthday, maybe it helps...good luck!
oh, and by the way, your pins are gorgeous!

Melanie said...

Oh I so want those pins! I collect hedgehogs (that is a hedgehog on the left?). I haven't read Pippi in years, but depending on the age of the birthday girls there is a lovely little book from Usborne called Fairy Cooking. Lovely fun recipes including marzipan toad stools!

Jana said...

I would love to win! I think making striped aprons as party favors/gifts for all the girls would be so cute!

Sew It To Me said...

First of all, you definitely need to make the party girl have the braided pig tails using wires to stick them up. And I think if would be so fun to have a pony ride! Good luck!

Attilio said...

what a cool party theme!!! how about making pippi braids. you could get cheap hairbands and make braids with wool or strips of old tshirts and tie off with colourful ribbon. each child/girl could wear it to the party and then maybe remove the braids and have a pretty hairband to take home!

Melissa said...

Am I really the first person to post a comment? That seems like bad luck, the random number generator won't possibly choose #1, but here I go anyways. There is a cute Pippi Paper Doll image here: I'm not sure if this image is copywrited, but it might give you some ideas anyways!

What about having a dress up for the little girls. Get some ragamuffin clothes (old mens shirts, pants rolled up at different lengths, etc., and of course some tall striped stockings. Put pipecleaners in the girls braids to make them stand up.

I seem to remember Pippi having gold coins, you could use those chocolate gold coins in your loot bags too.

webmailaddress2 said...

Maybe you could make headbands with red yarn or pipecleaner hair pigtails for the kids to wear to be like Pippi. Your party theme is so cute!

Charity said...

Pippi Longstocking how fun!! I actually saw some red pig tail head bands at Target! The pig tails stood straight out like Pippi's. I think a tea party with gloves and hats and tea cups with saucers. ( something the little girls could bring home after ) Look in the second hand stores for such items. It wouldn't cost that much. Don't forget horses and monkeys or sea captains for that matter. The possibilities are endless. Thank you for chance to win and good luck with this sweet party!!

Anonymous said...


I read your description about your daughter's birthday at the end of the month. Have you thought about a scavenger hunt? Maybe you and your hubby can create the clues, and your daughter and her friends can search for the prize? Just a thought.

Have a wonderful day!


Jenevieve said...

I just came acrss your blog from obsessively stitching. You have some great ideas!

I remember reading Pippi Longstocking when I was wee. How about you make Pipi headbands instead of party hats? You could use some wire and orange wool to make the pigtails stick out from the headband at angles?

Hope the party goes well! :)

Jenny Bolech said...

I think it would be really cute to braid some little wigs out of red yarn for a pippi longstockings party! I'm not exactly sure the best way to do it, but there is probably a pretty easy way to put it together!

jenny.maurer84 at gmail dot com

Jenny Bolech said...

I'm also a new blog follower!
jenny.maurer84 at gmail dot com

pamdux said...

Have striped stockings for everyone to put on when they arrive and a Pippy wig made from red yarn with the braids sticking out and you can either put prize numbers in the wigs or you can give a prize for the best looking Pippy dress-up.

Kristianna said...

Those are adorable pins! Love the tiny mushroom one! Too cute!

Cheryl said...

Use an old suitcase & fill with chocolate coins or fill a chest of drawers with a bunch of girly party favors to use as her "treasures"

Monica said...

Too cute, what a great mom you are to put so much effort into her party! I think for the kids party you should do cupcakes instead of a cake and let the girls make their own Pippi cupcakes, use red vines as the braids, candy for the eyes etc. It would also be fun to find someone who has a projector you could borrow and hook it up to your laptop and show Pippi movies on a wall in your home or on a screen. Most businesses that do presentations have one and they are easy to set up. Hope you ahve fun! and your pins are adorable!!

Natalie Jane said...

I think you should have a "hair braiding" area so every one can have crazy pippi hair! Also, maybe dye some knee high socks as prizes. Call your house villa villa coola of course!

Girl Meets Needle said...

Well, you could buy a mini a bundt cake pan for the "small" cakes, and make, say a vanilla cake batter and separate it into sections and apply food coloring and then fill each mini bundt cake with small amounts of each color, not mixing, just letting them plop as they may so you can have bright, colorful cakes. And then make a basic butter-cream, and separate it into smaller parts and color it as well, and then after frosting each one with the white, swirl in one or two more complimentary colors! (like pink and blue or blue and yellow). :D And for prizes you could buy a little dress up set, or you could make a little pair of the "sponge" shoes that Pippy wears to wash the floors!

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