Tuesday, July 6, 2010


You guys sent so many great ideas my way! I am working my way slowly through the comments. Sorry that I did not draw the winners yet. It's really hard to decide which one was the best. And I also did not get to draw the random winner yet - sorry sorry sorry. But I urgently had to finish something today. Will tell you in the next post ...
I just wanted to tell you here quickly that I am hoping to announce the winners tomorrow. If I do not make it through all the comments until tomorrow night it will be Thursday - but no later!!!
Thanks to everyone!!!

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Ka - Craft e Coisas Mais said...

Yay!! So great that u got a lot of ideas, hope ur party be a huge sucess!!! I'm sure that, whatever u do, she will love! N i hope I win!! lol. cheers!

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