Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bib challenge

For all of you waiting for the giveaway - next post! Promised!
I just wanted to quickly ask you a favor. (This post was actually almost written up - I just had not published it yet.)
Please go to and vote for a winner of the bib challenge. 
I will not check whether you voted for me or someone else! ;-) So do as you please. :-)

If you want the whole story - well, MY whole story regarding that bib challenge ;-) - and some more photos just read on ...

As if I did not have enough to do already ... I joined a bib challenge. Sounds funny? I thought so, too. (And I thought it might give me some extra sewing practice AND some bibs!) This is what I made for the challenge:

This was the first one I made. Eversince I saw this scotty dog applique pattern I wanted to try it ... so I finally did. :-)

Here the bib modeled by little man. 

This is the second bib I made. I love this dino applique.

Here a close up of the applique and embroidery. Unfortunately the light green does not show up too well. I wanted to use another green ... which I found after the bib was done ... :-/

As little man was not very cooperative anymore after the photoshoot with bib number one - he was more interested in a toy windmill thingy we have in our garden - I had to find other means of presentation/ another model. You can actually see the model in the photo above resting in the background ... :-)

May I introduce: the best dog in the world!
She somehow seems to think "If I close my eyes it might be less humiliating ..."

I had planned to make a third bib ... something with patchwork. But as my son got sick I did not get to try that. I am still happy with the two other ones, though.
I will probably not use these bibs for meal time ... I love so much how they turned out I would not like them to get stained. But I thought I might use them as drool bibs ... as you can see in one of the photos above little man could really use some droll bibs! ;-) He is drooling ALOT lately! Often I have to change his shirt just cause it is wet and I get scared he might catch a cold or something ... so some drool bibs might save me - and him - some "shirt changing". :-)
So now - happy voting! :-)
(You can vote until the 30th of June.)


Polly said...

I just went and voted. I love the words you added. They're perfect for a bib! Great job.

ModistaModesta said...

Love the Dino! I wish my dog would be such an obedient model, it will never happen. The funny part is I keep trying, you think I would learn Haha.

I hope your baby is better, and gets his teeth so he can stop the drooling!

Ellie said...

Lovely bib - but even lovelier baby! Just off to vote.

Care said...

How did I miss this post before??

I love your bibs -- and both your models look so sweet!

I am off to vote!

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