Sunday, April 11, 2010


Sewing has been rather frustrating lately. I think I would be much better at sewing if I would do it more often ... but in order for that to happen I would have to have more time to do it. Which I don't! Unfortunately little man does not sleep alone! It's getting better slowly but I usually need to stay close by when he's asleep. He seems to have some kind of radar which tells him when I leave the room ... and then he wakes up .. Also obviously I can not run a sewing machine right next to him while he is sleeping! And when he is awake he plays all by himself only very little. This has been better in the past but at the moment he is teething ... oh well. So I can only sew when hubby plays with him ... and that is not too often - somebody's gotta work after all ;-). And when it happens I usually want to finish as much as possible and work much too fast which leads to mistakes ... even more frustration. Anyway, I guess that is all pretty normal but sometimes it frustrates me. Especially when I read blogposts by people that also have a baby and get so much done ... It kinda gets me down sometimes.

So yesterday I was kinda bumped. After FINALLY finishing that tiny project of a neckerchief that I wanted to make for little bear - and on the way messing up my first applique ever! - and trying it on I realized that it is rather small! :-(

So it took me about a week to sew a stupid triangle! Here you can see it ... front and back ...

I tried appliquing for the first time - good. But the "K" is ... well, not pretty to say the least. I am very happy about the heart though. And now that it is finished it is rather small and when tied on the applique is hardly visible cause THIS one is too big! BIG SIGH!

I guess if I would have time like I used to before I had kids I would be like "Oh well, I learned ... and I'm just gonna try again ..." and get on with it. But now that I usually have to wait to be able to work on something and have had time to mull it over in my head so many times before it actually is finished I also want it to turn out nice! I don't want to work on something for a whole week just to figure out that it was a failure. :-( Even if it is just a stupid triangle! Or especially if it is just a stupid triangle.

Okay, enough whining. But no sewing for today. I've had it with sewing. At least for this weekend! Will try some no-sewing crafting which hopefully is more rewarding to recover from sewing disillusion!

P.S. Just in case that this was not too clear in my post - I DO LOVE my kids! :-)


Care said...

Oh no!! It's the worst to look forward to completing something only to have everything go wrong!

Don't give up on sewing! :o) (Although I know you won't!)

Lo Christine said...

I, personally, am impressed with your sewing. I have tried and tried and always give up!!! One day I'll dedicate the time needed to it:)

Miss Muffin said...

Oh, thanks you two! And Lo Christine - that is SO sweet of you to say! Thank you!

No, of course I won't give up! I love the fact that you are able to make something just out of fabric ... I just hate when it goes wrong! But I guess that always happens ... no matter what you do, sewing, baking, painting ... whatever!
(And if there is anyone out there who can do whatever without sonething going wrong ... don't tell me! I don't want to know!) :-)

Jenn @ Delicious Ambiguity said...

Clever idea! Thanks so much for linking up to Tot Tuesdays this week! I am hosting my first giveaway which ends on Tuesday. I hope you’ll stop by. Have a great week! ☺

Polly said...

This is great! Especially for your first time. I really like the purple plaid you used on the heart.

Kathy Haynie said...

Nice work, Miss Muffin. I like the idea of a reversible neckerchief. Yes, it's always deceiving...I have made many that were too small. Sigh. But you're on the right track! Personally, I am way impressed with Polly's techniques for applique over on Helping Little Hands. (She's my daughter, so I'm biased.) But she's also way better at applique than I am. She has some good tips for stitch settings and using iron-backing to make them work better. That neckerchief you made could be cute on a teddy bear, and the next one can be bigger!

Miss Muffin said...

Thanks so much for the encouragement! I will definitely check out Polly's site before I try another applique! :-)

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