Monday, April 12, 2010

Anytime chocolate cake

What is the best cure of frustration? Chocolate of course! And what's even better than chocolate? Chocolate cake! But who wants to stand in the kitchen for ages and wait until a cake is done when he or she feels frustrated and has a craving for chocolate cake? Well, okay - sometimes I don't mind ... baking can be a stress reliever in itself ... but sometimes I just want that cake right now right here!!!! No waiting, no baking, no going to the store!!! You think nice dream, but not possible? Well, I thought so, too. Until Saturday! But now I know better! Check this out

Microwave chocolate cake in a cup

I tried it and I LOVE it! I mean you can not compare it to a really really great oven baked chocolate cake ... but I would say compared to a regular oven baked one it stands a chance. And considering that all you have to do is throw some things together, stirr, put in the microwave ... AWESOME!!! And if you add a little icecream - WOW!!!
I am so excited about this! This means I could have freshly made chocolate cake EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!! :-) Okay, I won't do that. But still, who would have thought that this is possible. Certainly not me! Maybe I should keep an emergency jar with already mixed together ingredients in my kitchen ...

So, if you like chocolate cake go and try it! Yes, RIGHT NOW! Believe me, you won't be sorry! :-)

P.S. Sorry, that there is no photo. But I was so excited about this that by the time I thought that I should share this it was ... ehem ... all gone ... There is a photo however, on the blog where I gor the recipe from so check it out!


Care said...

I'm off to do it RIGHT NOW -- except I think I'll have to make three of them, because I just can't wait until tonight, when I COULD do it while everyone is in bed!!

Care said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I am out of cocoa!!!! How could I let this happen????????

Miss Muffin said...

Let me know how it turned out when you have cocoa again! I think now I definitely will make an emergency one - just so I never can run out of cocoa! (But there would still be the chance to run out of eggs or oil ...)
Oh, and by the way, you have to use a pretty big mug! We actually made just one and shared it between the three of us (little man is not eating cake yet - even though he wants to). With added icecream it actually was a nice serving.

Care said...

Made it as an after-lunch dessert for me and the boys today with a little whipped topping on top! Delicious!! Thanks for the link!

katrina said...

Thanks for linking to me, Miss Muf! Everytime I see those photos, I say it's time for a better food-blog worthy photo:)
Glad you enjoyed!


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