Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter cake

Any idea what this is? ....

My daughter made them and I loved how they turned out! Even though I do not like to eat marzipan. :-)
They are really easy to make ... and here is an easy way on how to make the green bits of the carrots. But you could also use some greenery like here.

And what did we do with them? Of course decorate carrot cake!

This was a small one which I gave as a present to my granddad. Well, at least it was supposed to be a small one .... I used the smallest pan I had. But it turned out so high that it still was way too much just for one person. But I did not have the heart to just cut it up ... it looked so pretty.

I LOVE cream cheese icing!!!!

And above thise was the carrot cake we had for Easter. Usually I just lay the carrots on top. But I had seen this version and just LOVED it. So I scooped on a BIG layer of cream cheese icing and stuck the carrots in the cake. I think it looks so cute! And my daughter had so much fun pulling them out! :-)
I also put some chocolate cookie crumbles on top of the icing so it looks kinda like earth/ dirt.

And even better than carrot cake ... chocolate cupcakes!!!! YUMMY! I used Martha Stewart's recipe and was totally pleased how they turned out. In the past I had not much luck to make great plain chocolate cupcakes or muffins. The really good ones always had either chocolate bits or coffee or fruit in them (or a combination of these). But with this recipe they turned out pretty nice. I actually made them to test the recipe because I will need it later this month! Already very excited about it ... but not telling you yet ... ;-)
I actually was planning on frosting them ... but simply ran out of time. Turned out that it was not too bad since the cupcakes are already very sweet and rich all by themselves. I would still love to have them WITH frosting - there is no such thing as too sweet for me ;-) - but my family probably was happy that there was not extra icing on top. They are weird people that often complain my bakery would be too sweet! I really don't get that!


katrina said...

How pretty - I love all your versions!


Mari-Ann said...


Odette said...

I think your cake is a masterpiece! Pretty impressive, you make me feel guilty!:)

Miss Muffin said...

Thanks for all the sweet comments! And, Odette, no need to feel guilty. The cake is actually pretty easy to make. I guess it looks like more in the photos ...

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