Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ribbon ball

I finished another Easter present. YEAH! This one is for my sweet baby son. It's a ribbon ball. I cheated though. :-) I made it from a kit that sweet Lier gave to me when I was pregnant. (If you do not know her blog Ikat bag - go check it out RIGHT NOW! Seriously! You don't know what you're missing! And btw, I know that you could purchase this kit also in her etsy-shop. It's not in there right now ... but maybe she will add it again ...)
Lately I really have been itching to make it ... but I made myself finish the crochet scarf for my daughter before starting this one. While still crocheting on the scarf I was already thinking about how I could embellish the ball ... thinking up all kinds of embroidery ...
When I finally started I was a bit frustrated ... turns out embroidering fleece is not as easy as I thought. I don't know whether it is just me or what ... but it simply did not go too well. I had to undo so many things that soon I decided instead of embroidering all panels for the ball I will do just one. That's it!

When I finally had embroidered the black panel I sewed everything together. It was so much fun using all those sweet ribbons! I think I love ribbons. :-) The sewing itself was not hard ... I just had a minor disagreement with my sewing machine about where all the panels would meet ... but I got it sorted out. Kinda.
My dauhgter helped me stuff the ball ... and now I can't wait for Easter to give it to my son! I am very very pleased with the result and I am sure my son will love it! Especially since it is kinda black and white. Oh, can't wait, can't wait ...


Care said...

It's so cute! I ADORE the added embroidery!

He is going to love it!!

LiEr said...

Hey, I LOVE what you did with that plain black panel! The embroidery is really, really classy!


Miss Muffin said...

Thanks to both of you! I also like how the embroidery turned out in the end ... but dreaded doing another one. :-)

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