Thursday, March 18, 2010

Crochet flower scarf

Spring has sprung ... well, a girl can dream, can't she?

This was the project I showed you the sneak peak pic. In the absence of warmth and flowers and sun this project really brightened up my mood! :-) It was so much fun to fiddle with colorful yarn ... and the flowers are made so quickly!

Also it is easy to do this while baby is checking whether you use the right type of yarn ...

"I am watching you ... you better do a good job!"

It is of course easiest to crochet when the baby is doing this ...

(For some reason he kinda looks to me like he is doing yoga while sleeping ...)

I actually planned to make this for my daughter already a while ago. So this is the first Easter present that is finished. :-) She did see me making a couple flowers. Hope she still will be surprised what I turned them into. And hope that she will like her scarf!
It will not really keep her warm. But I think it will definitely look REALLY cute! (I am actually wondering whether you could make a winter scarf out of wool with crochet flowers ... but that will be a project for next winter ...)

If you want to make this scarf, too, here is the very well written and easy to follow tutorial by Claire.


Care said...

It's so bright and pretty and cheerful! She will love it!

Miss Muffin said...

Thanks! I think so to. Well, and if she won't like it ... I will wear it! :-)

Claire Louise Milne said...

So cute! thanks for the comment, it was fun to see your version!

Mami Made It said...

You can use crochet flowers in so many ways and your scarf is lovely!

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