Friday, March 12, 2010

Honey oat buns

In February I decided that until Easter I am not baking any cookies or cakes. (Well, rather my husband kinda decided that for me ... but I thought it is a good idea.) Since I felt like I could not give up baking completely I challenged myself to do savoury baking only. I actually have quite many savoury recipes which are on my "I have to try this"-list ... but they never get tried since there are too many cakes and cookies to try. ;-)
So this was the perfect opportunity. When I decided to do this there were 7 weeks till Easter so I figured I should be able to try 6 savoury recipes. Since I especially love yeast products I thought I would try a couple recipes that involve yeast. I usually do not like to bake with yeast too much. I am always feeling insecure ... will it work out? And all that "having to let the dough rise" makes planning so much harder. Anyway, I figured since I do love buns and breads and stuff all it probably takes is a bit more practise to get over my fear of yeast. So I started right away with a recipe for Honey oat buns.

I actually wanted to make a "Subway-style" bread. I love the Honey oat bread you get at Subway. The one I made did turn out not too bad - but in my opinion it was nothing like the Subway bread. For starters it is white bread, not wheat. (I should have known from just reading the recipe ... well, I was simply too excited to get started.) And the honey is put in the dough. I think the Subway bread is brushed with honey (or something like that). So the bread itself is rather sweet tasting. It is nice for jam. I did not like it too much with cheese. So I am looking now for a good wheat bun recipe ...

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