Monday, March 22, 2010

Cheese stuffed bread

If you want to bake anything with yeast you HAVE to try this recipe for cheese stuffed bread. I actually found it via the blog Bupbilla. When I saw the photo I thought I HAVE to try this. It just looks so yummy. Well, and I did try it and it was YUMMY!!! I have to say though I LOVE cheese. So this was just my kind of thing. But the loaves were just great. Definitely will be making them again! Maybe experiment with different cheeses. They are also great to use for a packed lunch. Even my daughter took some to kindergarten for snack time. :-)

1 comment:

LiEr said...

Lovely! Which reminds me that I should make some more of these cheesy loaves again soon. And no, I don't mind the family blog being linked to at all! Thanks for asking, though.

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