Thursday, February 4, 2010

Postcard exchange

I recently took part in a postcard exchange to teach my daughter about geography. I learned about this fun event on Mari-Ann's blog Counting Coconuts. You can find her post here. The exchange was originally initiated by Debbie from Children grow, children learn, children explore. You can find her post here.

I think it is such a great idea! My daughter loves hearing about the places I have stayed when I lived abroad. Due to my talking she has a huge fascination with Australia! :-) She also owns a book where four children from different parts of the world talk about how they live. She loves that book and keeps talking about "John from England" etc ... :-) I would really love to teach her more about the rest of the world but somehow found it pretty overwhelming and did not know where to start. Well, I kinda did start simply with the countries I knew best since I have been there ... but that is not that many and the rest of the world it PRETTY BIG. :-)
So I think this postcard exchange is going to be just great and I will have many things I can talk to my daughter about and show her! You probably can tell I am really excited about this - I just hope she will be just as excited as I am. ;-)

So, if you would like to join in and get a postcard from Germany, here's what you need to do:

1. Simply leave me a comment letting me know you're interested and I in turn will be in touch via email to exchange our mailing addresses.
2. Agree to "pay it forward" - i.e. send a postcard back to me. And, if you're interested, post about this on your own blog and get others involved, too.
3. When selecting your postcards, choose ones with geographical pictures or images of things specific to where you live.
And if you really want to brighten up a little girl's day :-) it would be very kind if you would include some information about where you live on the postcard ... something that's special to the area like what animals might live there, or what food/ drink you enjoy, or how the climate is there ... can be just any tiny thing ... My daughter will love knowing it!

Of course you don't have to have a child to take part in this ... ;-)

Edited: Sorry, I forgot to say this ... if you want to take part
please do not comment anonymously.
This might sound a bit paranoid, but I do not feel comfortable to give my address to someone I do not know. If I can read your blog I feel like I know you a bit which is alright. If you comment anonymously I don't know anything about you ... and just as I would not give my address to a stranger in real life I don't want to do it in the blog world. I feel really bad excluding people without a blog from this ... but it just does not feel right to me otherwise. I wrecked my brain all night to come up with a way to do this without giving out my address. But renting a post box is just too expensive for this and I could not think of anything else ... Sorry!


Anonymous said...

Das finde ich eine tolle Idee, ich kann zwar "nur" mit Österreich dienen, aber es ist ein anderes Land ;-)
Da wir Grenznah wohnen, ist es für meinen Sohn auch noch sehr verwirrend wo wir gerade sind...D A CH FL ...???
Wir würden sehr gerne eine Postkarte mit euch austauschen!
Wo finde ich deine Email, dass ich mich bei dir melden kann?
LG Catrin

Mari-Ann said...

Yay! I'm glad you're starting an exchange of your own and I hope you get lots of comments!
Go ahead and use that picture - it's just some clipart I found online. Unfortunately,I have no idea where to find a good (free) print out of the continents, but there is a continent puzzle and matching unlabeled control chart for sale here:
Hope that helps!
Counting Coconuts

megan said...

Yes, please! My boys and I would LOVE to participate! This is such a great idea. I'm going to post about it on my blog, too.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I would love to take part - I live in South Africa and will gladly send a p/card!
My email:

Miss Muffin said...

@ Catrin:
Auf der rechten Seite ist ein "button", da steht drauf "click here to email me" ... da draufklicken ;-)
Ich habe in dem Post noch einen Absatz für anonyme comments ergänzt. Ich hoffe, Du verstehst es, dass ich mich nicht so gut fühle einfach "jedem" meine Adresse zu geben. Ich habe zuvor einfach gar nicht dran gedacht, dass ja auch Leute ohne Blog kommentieren können. Falls Du einen Blog hast, schreib doch einfach nochmal ein Comment oder schick mir eine mail mit der Blogadresse. Hoffe von Dir zu hören! :-)

Jennifer Hancock said...

Ms. Muffin-

I don't know if you still doing the exchange, but my children have collected postcards from all the states in the U.S. we have been to but never out of country. I would like to exchange cards with you.

Jennifer from Texas

(and exchange with anyone else for that matter)

Miss Muffin said...

Hi Jennifer,
I sent you an email. :-)

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