Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Jam that tastes like SUMMER

Couple days ago my husband brought home lots of fruit to cook jam. I was trying to talk him out of it ... after all you usually cook jam in summer or fall ... but not in winter. But of course he would not listen. Turns out that for once it was good that he did not listen. This jam really made my day! :-)

And the best ... after A LOT of persuasion my husband gave me the recipe ... to share with you. So if you want to you can make your own.


1100g pineapple
400g mango
750g papaya
150ml lime juice
jam sugar

The amount of jam sugar needed depends on your liking and on the kind of jam sugar you use. As I am not familiar with what is available where you live I do not feel comfortable stating a certain number. My husband however used 1kg so-called 1:1 jam sugar plus an additional 500g of so-called 3:1 jam sugar.

All you have to do is
- cut the fruit in small pieces
- cook it
- puree it a bit (you might want to leave some pieces in there - depends on your liking)
- add the (jam) sugar
- cook according to instructions on the jam sugar (or until jam starts to set)
- fill in glasses

Sorry, as I type this up I realize this might not be the best recipe for a novice jam cooker ... but to me cooking jam is basically throw together some fruit - add jam sugar according to weight of fruit - cook - done! It works very well. :-)

If anyone is interested I could transform weight specifications into another measurement ... am just not sure what measurement you would prefer. So just let me know which one and I will add that.

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