Friday, September 25, 2009

Choco-Peanutbutter Cupcakes

Yesterday I finally got the chance to try my new muffin pan. It looks a bit funny - the muffin or cupcake is higher but smaller in diameter. To try the pan I made choco-peanutbutter cupcakes with my daughter. They turned out pretty nice ... but took a while to make. I realized only after starting that you have to actually fill the cupcakes after baking - which I had never done before. Also I realized that I definitely need to buy better supplies for piping icing and cream and stuff ... But it worked out. I did get the filling into the cupcakes. Well, some burst ... but my daughter found that rather funny cause she got to try the ruined ones straight away. The way the chocolate frosting is made was new to me. I have never made chocolate frosting with sour cream - but it's not too bad.
Only problem now ... well, I only realized that the recipe does not make 12 but 24 cupcakes when filling the dough into the pans - I REALLY should start reading the recipe BEFORE I actually start making it - and now I have very many cupcakes sitting in my kitchen ... and no guests at the weekend ...
Am wondering whether I can freeze them ... probably will just go ahead and try. If we try to eat all of them we're probably gonna end up sick ...

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