Sunday, September 27, 2009

Babysocks done

I used this pattern for the newborn socks. The pattern is in german and the size is stated as 56/ 62. I really really hope that they will fit!!!
There are however many english patterns available on the internet for free. (There are for example many on Ravelry). I really really loved the pattern for baby moccasins by The Purl Bee. I wanted to try to make them but quickly figured out that I did not have the right yarn at hand. And since I did not know how to adjust the pattern to the yarn I had - and could not bring myself to try to figure it out - I had to search for another pattern.

I think they worked out quite cute ... and once I had figured out the pattern they were done surprisingly quickly!

1 comment:

Mari-Ann said...

Oh these are just lovely! Well done! I *wish* I could knit!!

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