Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Busy box - ideas wanted!!!!

I have started to put together a "busy box" for my daughter. I want to give it to her when I have to go to hospital (to have the baby) so she can pass the time more easily. Also I want to use that box once I am back home to give it to her when I am nursing or changing diapers or doing whatever is necessary and can't at the moment pay much attention to her ... So it's supposed to be kind of a treat that she can keep herself busy with. I was thinking alot about what to put in there. It has to be stuff that she can do all alone ... and I had a hard time to actually come up with things that are new but she would be able to do (mostly) on her own. This is what I have so far:

Some new books. I actually want to record these for her on CD so she can listen to them even if I can't actually read for her at that moment. Hope it'll work out.

A wooden construction set. I am super excited about this (I got it second hand). I really hope she will like it. It is completely new to her so I hope it'll keep her busy screwing and building for a while ...

An old phone for pretend play. For some weird reason she loves phones.

New puzzles. I hope they will not be too hard for her ... She loves puzzles and the ones she owns are all a bit too easy for her now.

I have no idea what this is called in English. It's basically a set which consists out of plastic beads and plastic boards where you are supposed to stick the beads onto ...
You can create patterns that way and once you have filled the whole board you iron it - and the plastic beads melt and make up a coaster or something similar ...
I actually don't like plastic toys very much ... but I figured she might like the activity. And I could not find a similar one that involves something non-plastic. (Already tried making necklaces out of wooden beads - but for some reason that does not seem to appeal too much to her.)

A new sticker book.

A book with "worksheets" in there. For some really strange reason she seems to totally love these. I actually plan to take the book apart and put the pages into page protectors so she can work on them with dry-erase-markers. I do think however, that she probably will not be able to do these alone. She usually wants somebody to tell her what she has to do on each page ...

I think I will change the contents of the box once in a while - so it'll stay kinda fresh and new to her.
Do you have any other ideas what I could put in there to keep a 4year old busy for a while?


LiEr said...

Lacing cards! You can buy them or make your own by drawing on cardboard and punching holes along the edge and then supplying her with shoelaces or wool and a blunt needle.

Also you can make some blank books for her to write/draw her stories in. Take several sheets of regular paper and fold in half. Sew down the middle spine with sewing machine using huge stitches, and she can have little blank books! If you use a coloured sheet of paper for the cover, you can make a few in different colours form different "stories".

Another idea: a small photo album or scrapbook of photos of your family of three and maybe grandparents doing fun activities. I did this for each of my daughters before each younger sister was born. They still love reading about life "before baby" now!

What about paper dolls? Or magnetic dolls that she can dress up? There are some free templates on the web (but I can't remember where) that you can print onto magnetic sheets and cut out for her to play with. Maybe buy a small dry-erase magnetic board or use a cookie sheet!

I could go on, but I must go to bed. Miss emailing you but am so silly busy in the summer. Now that autumn has come, I think I will slow down a bit and get back to emailing more.

Miss Muffin said...

Thanks for all those sweet ideas. I love the one with the different books. Think I will make that. Also it sounds like it does not take too much time, which is a big plus! ;-) I already made her lacing cards a while ago (darn, that reminds me that I still have a post about activities on car trips unfinished somewhere ....) but she does not seem to like those. Similar to stringing beads. :-( Don't know why ... She loves stitching with a needle on fabric though. Maybe I can come up with somekind of sewing kit for kids ...

I actually forgot that I am going to include a photo album. I have a small slide-in album which I want to fill with baby photos from her (like when she was bathed, nursed, cried ... all that stuff). I figured it will make it easier for her to see that she was not that different when she was smaller. :-) And I know she LOVES looking at her own baby pictures. I already chose the photos and ordered prints - just need to wait until they are done. I do think however, that this photo book will soon probably not live in the box anymore ... but migrate to her regular book shelve. :-)

I also love the idea with the magnetic dolls. I started some a while ago actually (got the idea from your blog - really LOVED yours). I never finished them ... Maybe I should give that another go. But it really takes much more time than I thought ... maybe I'll make it to include it later. (Gotta change some stuff from the box at some point anyway I figured.) Maybe I could also add some stuff for her felt board at a later point ...

Thanks so much for the ideas! And don't worry about the emailing! I am not going anywhere ... :-) I can wait! :-)
Have a great time with the kids!!!!

kristi said...

The beads are called Perler Beads in North America or Hamma Beads in the UK. I've used them with kindergarten students and they are great for hand eye coordination!
I just discovered your blog by clicking a link from another blog! I love it and I'll be stopping by again!

Miss Muffin said...

@ Kristi

Thanks for telling me what the pearls are called - so I learned something new! :-)

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