Monday, August 24, 2009

My first handbag

I can't believe I did it! I made myself finally a new handbag. My old one was coming apart and it was about time. I figured before I start any more sewing projects (already alot in my head), which are going to be for my daughter, maybe the baby .... I should finally make something for myself!
I had this project planned now already for ages. I found this pattern and tutorial on the the blog Lula Louise. I thought it looks like I could manage it ... So I wanted to try it for so long! Finally I did get around to it! And you can't believe how proud I am of it!!! :-)

I even added a pocket! Thanks to this great tutorial for sewing pockets on Fat Orange Cat I even managed that. I actually was thinking back and forth whether I should try the pocket. I was so afraid that I might mess up the whole bag ... So I am simply totally pleased!
Can't wait to try my new bag tomorrow!

Sorry, the pictures were not easy to take ... it's not that easy to take pictures of a black bag .... :-/ If you click on them they enlarge and you can see more detail.


Katie said...

I love that you made your new bag and the pocket for taking along little treasures is such a good idea! Looks nice and roomy, a good size for hauling around all the baby stuff!

Sara said...

I like it, it came out really well! Why haven't you made any more since?! :-) Thanks for entering my handbag pattern giveaway!

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