Monday, August 24, 2009

Fondant decorated cakes

Okay, here are the promised pictures. As I looked over them I realized that my fondant-skills must have progressed alot ... so I am a bit embarrased to show the first pictures. But I guess it is all right - maybe it encourages some of you guys to try it! As you can see from the pictures the more you do it the better it get's ....
All of the cakes in this blog are decorated with fondant, not marshmallow fondant. The marshmallow fondant I tried for the first time when doing the Winnie Pooh cake. I find it much easier to work with than regular fondant!

So this was the first cake I ever decorated with fondant. I used food color powder and it turned out to be kinda blotchy looking. I am not too proud of this ... but it was my first try. :-)

This was a cake I made for my daughter's first birthday. It was the first tiered cake I ever made and I remember being totally proud and happy that it actually turned out to be a TIERED cake - and did not fall apart! :-)
The fondant actually did not turn out very nice - it was very dry and you can see cracks and it is not very even.

I think my bear-making-skills have progressed alot from this pink thing to the Winnie Pooh ... :-D

This cake I made for Christmas. I still like the all white look and the snowflakes. At the time I did not own a snowflake cookie cutter. So my husband made a cardboard pattern for me and I actually cut out all the snowflakes with a knife and that pattern. I would not recommend doing this - unless you are REALLY REALLY bored and have WAY too much time!!! ;-)

Oh, it was a fruit cake and just looking at this makes me really hungry .....

Well, this was MY WEDDING CAKE! Yes, I decorated my own wedding cake! :-) (Hey, there must be some crazy people in this world!)
Because obviously I had other stuff to do just before my own wedding I wanted it to be really simple. I made three different cakes:
The largest tier was chocolate - since I LOVE chocolate cake! The middle layer was carrot cake. And the smallest one was almond apple cake. It was simply all covered in white fondant, we added red ribbon and scattered red rose petals over and around it. I loved the look of it.

Some of you guys might be wondering why on earth I would make my own wedding cake especially such a simple one. Could I not just have bought some plain fondant covered cake???
Well ... no. I live in Germany and we do not have fondant covered cakes. I assume you might be able to order one in bigger towns by now ... but it's not like you can go to your regular bakery and tell them "I would like to have a fondant covered chocolate cake." As it is rare to have it is probably also very expensive ... and we simply did not have that much money. In Germany people also have tiered cakes for their wedding - but they are usually frosted with cream or some kind of butter cream. Some might be covered in almond paste. But I did not like any of those ... And I often also don't like the cake that you can buy in bakeries overhere. That's how I ended up making my own ...

These are some muffins I decorated with fondant for the christening of my daughter. For the lady bugs I used bought colored fondant (I had bought that on a trip to England). I think you can tell the difference - the colors are much richer.

I made lady bugs, butterflies and flowers. I especially like the muffins with the flowers. They are really easy to make and look so cute!


LiEr said...

Oh Miss Muffin this is an awesome post! I read it all in one sitting, which I rarely do with anyone's posts nowadays, and got so inspired that I want to start working with fondant right away! At the very least I went out and bought myself a set of edible food markers. You are amazing, amazing! And I love fruit cake for weddings, too! People here in the US don't appreciate that particular tradition, sadly. But I had fruit cake at my wedding. Nothing as beautifully done as your cake - I can't believe you decorated your own wedding cake! It's lovely!

Jen said...


I also want to have a fondant covered wedding cake (getting married in April!) but have not been able to find a bakery that does it as I also live in Germany (a big city, at that!) So, I have started to research how to go about making one myself. I have the same idea in mind...white, fondant covered, tiered cake with ribbons around the bases. How did you plan out when to make the cakes and fondant? Did you do it the day before and if so, did your fondant dry out? I'm thinking of experimenting with marshmallow fondant over the next few months. Any advice would be appreciated.

Miss Muffin said...

@Jen: Wow, I would have thought that it is possible to order a fondant-covered cake by now ... well, guess I was wrong.
I definitely did not make the cake and fondant one day before the wedding - and I would not recommend it! :-) I will write you an email tonight trying to answer your questions ... Hope that it will help!

Netti said...

Hi there, I just LOVE your cakes!!! They are so beautiful! I am planning to make a spectacular cake for my son's 2nd b'day in April, too, and got sooo many ideas browsing your blog. Thanks! xxx Netti

Miss Muffin said...

@ Netti:
Thanks for the nice comment! Glad that you enjoyed the post! Am really curious what you end up making! :-)

Sari said...

Hello Miss Muffin..
Your cakes r just it very much and in every step u give me a gut impression. I hv never made any fondant and i am planning to make the first one for my fiance in his birthday this month but i cant find this fondant every where .could u let me know where can i find fondant in germany..thank u in advance and success

Ms Muffin said...

@ Sari:

Well, I have acutally never bought fondant in Germany. I made it myself. And lately i am making the easier version: marshmallow fondant.
But if you do want to buy it I know you can order it at
I can not tell you whether it is good or whether there are better ones out there. If you google you will find more and can compare the price.
Wish you luck to finding something good!!!
(I'd be happy to hear from you again! Would be good to know what you found out!)

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