Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Does anybody know what I am talking about?

I long while ago I read in some blog about some tool (on the internet?) which you can use to record your voice. At this blog they had recorded the laugh of the children or child ... But I cannot find the blog entry and also don't have any idea what the tool was called or where you can find it. Since I don't know the name google-search also did not come up with something helpful ...
Does anyone have an idea what I am talking about or happened to read the same blog entry as I did (and actually recognizes it from what weird stuff I am writing here) ?


Karin said...

hi -- it's been a while since I commented here. hope you're feeling OK these days...

Are you still wondering about this? I wasn't sure from your post -- are you looking for something that will let you record your voice that you can then save as a sound file on your computer?

On my windows machine, under Start--All Programs--Accessories--Entertainment, I have a program (that came as part of Windows) called Sound Recorder, which works as the name implies but only if you have a mic and sound card installed.

Miss Muffin said...

Sorry, I meant to answer you comment ... but then forgot ... :-(
I actually found a free application on the internet where you can record things and make them into a cd. (My husband helped. It's quite elaborate ... So I don't think that is the actual thing I read about in that post - but it works for me so that it fine.
But thanks for the tip. I just figured out that I also have that thing you are talking about on my computer. It looks much easier than the one we are using now. I will check it out!

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