Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Stuff to keep the kid busy

So, my daughter has been sick since Sunday and I had the privilege to stay at home with her since Tuesday. I was quite happy not to go to work. Since I am pregnant I rather dread working since I never know how well I will feel during the day. So I rather like to stay at home ... close to everything that will satisfy all the food, drink or bathroom needs one pregnant woman could have. I was especially pleased since my daughter was not THAT sick anymore - so no taking the temperature every hour or being terrified whether she might throw up or something. I figured we would have some nice quality time together. Well, ... turns out that you need ALOT of energy to keep a kid busy all day. :-)
So by now I am pretty much very desperate and trying everything I can get my hands on which might keep her busy for a couple more minutes. Don't get me wrong - I love reading to her! Which is her favourite past time so it seems to me. But not all day every day!!! Sorry, I am just not THAT patient.

So yesterday we finally finished a project that we had started already a while ago. I do not remember where I got the idea for this one from. So if anyone knows where this project is described please let me know. It's really easy to make. All you need is round filter paper. (I hope that is the correct term - am not sure. It's that kinda paper that you use when making coffee with coffee powder.) You let your child colour it. Afterwards you - or your child - cut some of the round papers in half. By attaching the half pieces to the round pieces you can make fish. Yesterday my daughter coloured onto a big sheet of paper a sea and we glued the fish into it. Since my daughter used pretty much the same colours for the fish and for the sea the fish do not really stand out very much. But I guess in nature that would be perfect. Those would probably be the fish that lived the longest ... no predator would ever see them ... :-)

Today I was very keen on trying this modeling clay recipe I found on Sweet thing(s). It is basically like play dough but you can let it air dry and it hardens.
I am not sure if I did something wrong .... trying to talk on the phone with my mom, helping my daughter to dress up as a witch AND trying to measure the salt for the recipe at the same time probably is not the best idea ever ... when I stirred all of the ingredients together the stuff instantly turned to a thick mass and I was unable to stir any longer. So I decided it might be done ... and let it cool a bit. We made some stuff out of it which is drying at the moment. Am very curious how it will turn out. Good thing is - as you can paint it after drying this will hopefully provide even more busy minutes! :-)

Also I tried to make a pin wheel out of foam sheets today. I had the instructions for it in a craft book ... oh well. I thought it should be something that is easy to make. Well, it probably would be, if you actually do follow the instructions and have all the supplies needed. As usually - neither of it applied to me! So now we have a very cute looking pin wheel - that unfortunately won't really spin ...

I decided the next pin wheels I will make are going to be from paper. It'll will be much easier (and cheaper in case I mess up). I just need to get some sticks ....
Here are some pages with instructions if you want to join me. :-)
Apartment therapy
Martha Stewart
Heather Bailey

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