Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas card factory ;-)

This year I even mailed out christmas cards. I sent exactly FOUR cards! :-) Well, regarding the fact that I didn't send any for the last YEARS that is already quite a big improvement!
And to make the cards extra special I wanted my daughter to participate. But since I know that her attention span can be really short when it comes to crafting ... I was wrecking my brain for a good idea. On some websites I saw some really simplistic cards that I liked a lot. So I thought, maybe we will do something really "simple". Not a lot decoration ... just something "christmassy". Finally I came up with the idea of a christmas tree. It has an easy shape so she can even cut it out herself.

(I still ended up cutting most of the shapes myself because she just didn't feel like crafting at the moment and I really had to finish the cards to get them in the mail. I used some zig-zag shaped scissors - but I think I like the one my daughter did with the straight scissors even better.)

But the best thing about the project - my daughter got to decorate the trees with stickers!!! And she loves stickers! We used simple round stickers in different colours for the ornaments. The good thing - you really can't do anything wrong as long as the stickers are placed ON the tree. :-) No matter how many or how few ornaments - it always looks cute! For the top of the tree we used a star-shaped hole-punch and glued the punched out bit to the top. But you could easily use stickers as well. I just didn't have any star stickers lying around ...
Finally we just glued the whole tree to some fancy cards and DONE!

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