Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sweet christmas trees

When I saw this cute idea here I just had to try this with my daughter. We used just frosting made of icing sugar, a bit of lemon juice and water (and of course green food colouring as you might notice). It is more like a thick liquid therefore you don't get those nice swirly bits ... (hope you know what I mean - but I think you will know once you look at the other pictures in the link above). But I think it still looks quite cute. I like the colour! It looks really poisonous! ;-)

Unfortunately I didn't think ahead when we were doing it ... I planned to take the tree and put it on a white plate or something to really show it off. But once the icing dried it was really stuck to the plate! I have to really carefully trie to get it off the plate and put it somewhere else. Maybe my daugther will feel crafty and make a few more ... and we can have a little wood ...
But up until now everytime I brought up the tree all she was asking was "Can I eat it NOW?" *hmpf*

By the way, this is what we did last year:

And yes, it is a frog living in the house. Don't ask!

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