Monday, December 22, 2008

Crazy cookies!

A few days ago I realized that I had to do something. The plan was to decorate our tree - as every year - with straw stars and cookies. Problem: all cookies I had made so far had vanished into thin air! Well, either I had to go shopping for ornaments or craft some or bake more cookies. I decided to go with the baking.
(Shopping right now seems the worst to me. It seems half the world is stuck at shopping centres!)
Well, so I made up two batches of dough and started baking yesterday night. One was a sugar cookie dough - and man, this dough drove me crazy!!! I have baked MANY cookies over the last years but never have I come across a cookie baking as fast as this one! You turn your back and it's done! Of course I effectively ruined the first batch by trying to do two things at once. (Blogging and baking does not mix!!!) After that I thought I had learned my lesson. I cut out cookies and closely watched the ones in the oven. But they still were done so fast that I couldn't keep up with the cookie-cutting! And I am not slow! Wow, after I was done with all the dough I felt like after a workout. (And I also looked like after one - all sweaty and red head and stuff.)

Sugar cookie angels before baking - still looking all innocent! Little bastards! (Here's the recipe I used.)

Spicy ginger cookies after baking (You can find the recipe I used here):

Now I just have to decorate them ... Hopefully they will stay at the tree once I hang them up. The ones I made last year got really soft and fell of the tree just after a few days. Our dog REALLY liked that - and it took us a while to figure out how she was able to get the cookies off the tree ... ;-)
If anybody has a recipe that is really good to cut out ornaments that are supposed to hang a while at the tree - I would really appreciate tipps, recipes, suggestions ... :-)

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