Sunday, October 12, 2008

Beautiful fall

I love fall. And so does my daugther. :-) She had a lot of fun yesterday throwing all the colored leaves around. And of course we had to take some home and made a wreath that she hung in her room.

Today we made cookies - again. I kinda feel I gave this blog the wrong name. Should have named it cookies 'n more ... But I will - hopefully - do some more muffin baking in the future. If I have enough time.
I actually was planning on making the cookies yesterday. I put together the dough ... and realized that it has to sit in the fridge for at least 24 hours. :-( Luckily my daughter wasn't too disappointed.

She helped today with the cutting of the cookies. Last time we visited Berlin I let her choose a cookie cutter which I bought for her. She chose a hand - which I found rather weird, since they had bears and trains and stuff. But she was very proud of it and couldn't wait to try it today. She also helped stamping the message on the cookies. I just bought that that cookie stamp recently and used it for the first time. I think it turned out really well. You can stamp all kinds of messages on the cookies. I think I will use it a lot ... :-)

And I also started a new project ... I want to make a rag rug for my daughters room. I actually never liked the look of them. I thought they always looked kinda messy ... and having a flat like mine there is pretty much enough messieness ... :-)
But then I saw some photos on the web where the colours of the fabric where matched. And those rag rugs just looked fabulous! So I started to cut up some sheets and shirts. The good thing is I can do it while watching my daugther. Most of my projects I can't do during the day (like painting or doing the candles I posted about last time) because as soon as my daughter sees it she wants to do it too. But cutting up sheets doesn't seem too appealing to her ... and if it does I can just give her some old once or some paper ... :-) So during the next weeks I will probably be busy cutting up things ... and I need to order a really large crochet hook ...

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