Sunday, October 19, 2008

Witch costume

The last days I was busy thinking about how to make a halloween costume for my daughter. She wanted to be a witch. I looked at a few costumes you can buy ... but didn't like them. So I decided that it shouldn't be too hard to make one myself! After sorting through many old clothes and fabrics I finally started ... and ... tada ...

Well, it is not finished yet. I will sew more little spiders and mice to the green cape. And also I want to make a long skirt from the red fabric below so she can wear it under the black dress.

And I did buy a pointed hat. Didn't feel like making that one myself. It won't be the prettiest witch ever ... but I am actually quite satisfied so far. Especially since I made it completely from scraps ... (The black dress used to be a shirt of mine.) I am really curious how it will turn out when I am done ...

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