Friday, October 10, 2008

Decorated candle

Finally another finished project. Last year I made another candle (on the left). It was the first time that I decorated a candle so I was very proud of the result. :-)
This year I said I would make a candle for the first birthday of a little very special girl. I was very unsure of what theme or colours I should use. I finally decided to go for flowers and little insects. I was thinking of grass with flowers at the bottom of the candle and lady bugs and bees and stuff flying above. I wanted to use a light blue candle - to resemble a sky. Since I couldn't find one I used a yellow one. After postponing the project since I was really scared to mess it up and wasn't sure where to start ... I finally started yesterday evening and it was so much fun that I also finished it the same night! I really like how it turned out. But the pictures (taken at night right after I finished it) didn't turn out too well I think.
I especially like the bee and the lady bug.

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