Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Submissions wanted: Tea Lovers' Roundup

So we have August, which means September is coming up soon.
I love September. 
It is my favourite month. :-) Yes, my birthday is in September which might explain my love for September. But even without my birthday I do love September. I love fall. I love crisp fresh mornings or evenings. Or even whole days. I love the color changing of the leaves. I love the sun in September. It's just shiny - not hot hot, like in summer. Anyway, that was not really what I wanted to write about. 

So I was thinking about how I could celebrate my upcoming birthday. I have to say I find it rather hard to find a nice way to celebrate with two small kids around. I started thinking about what I like ... I do like my blog! :-) So I was thinking that I should do something on my blog. (Well, it will hopefully not be the only thing I am going to do to celebrate.) But what? No, sorry folks. No giveaway this time. It was really fun. But it took me so long to send the things out (argh). I will do a giveaway again - promised. Maybe around Christmas ... But for my birthday I wanted something different. After a long walk with little man - who did not sleep a second :-( - I came up with this idea:

I love TEA! And I love all projects tea related.  Things with tea bags, tea cups, or tea pots make me happy. I can't explain but they seriously do! And I have never seen a roundup on tea-related projects. So I figured in order to celebrate my birthday I will surround myself with things I love.
I will spend the whole month of September finding and featuring project ideas that are related to tea!

 How does that sound?
I know it's a bit crazy. But I consider myself a bit crazy, too. In a good way though. ;-) So that's alright. I am just hoping that there are not only coffee lovers in the blogworld and at least a few people will enjoy this project with me. :-)
I will search the internet for anything that I can find - but you are welcome to submit tips or your projects! Just send me an email! (There is a Contact Me button on the upper left handside of my blog. And there is an Email Me buttons somewhere on the right hand side of my blog.) I am happy to feature anything that is related to tea: it can be sewing a tea pot cozy, sewing a cushion with a tea cup on it, recipes for spiced tea, using old tea cups for ... really ANYTHING!!!!
And if someone is interested in guest blogging ... or has another idea ... just send me an email or comment with your contact details and we can talk!
Uh, I am already excited just thinking about this!

Now, I just gotta figure out how to make a button for this ...

Update: Button is done!!! YEAH! 

It would totally make my day if you would grab it and put it on your blog or post or whereever you want to really. Just share it!

Here is the html-code for it:

<a href="http://muffinsnmore.blogspot.com/search/label/Tea-Lovers%27%20Roundup"><img src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_TrZUElv-VNA/TGMEV_VmqhI/AAAAAAAABcA/Kc-NUrMONiQ/S190/teacup_button2small.png"></a>


Melanie said...

I actually totally get this! I love all things tea as well. You should all the teapots I have and I almost always make tea by the mug!I can't wait to see what comes from the month of September.

Fowl Single File said...

Wow! You've got me excited, too! I'm from Western Washington (US) and I feel like I'm surrounded by coffee lovers - one of which I am not. I love me some tea! Loose leaf if you've got it. I'm sippin' my morning cuppa right now. Anyhoo, I'm excited to see what you'll feature. I'm ready to be tea-inspired!!

Cat Carlisle said...

Great idea! I just shot you an email with a few suggestions, hopefully they will come in handy. :)

Papgena Made It said...

I like coffee a lot! BUT, I also enjoy tea! :D I think each drink has it's place! Coffee is for energy, work, tea is for cozyness, talk to a friend, winter afternoons (I do miss winter, it's been so hot, that all I can do is hoping for cold!!!).
Hope your little guy sleeps better!

Ms Muffin said...

Oh, thanks guys for your sweet comments! Feels good that I am not the only tea and "tea-things" lover. :-)

sewtara said...

This is going to be so fun!!! Can't wait for September now! Well I can actually, I'm a teacher and this summer vacation thing is nice, but cute tea things will help make returning to work easier :)

I'm glad you emailed!

D@nielle said...

Totally new to your blog so I'm reading back a bit and I love this idea, love tea too and my birthday is in September too so it must be a sign. I just posted the button on my cupcake blog and can't wait to see the ideas. I found a cute cookie that would go with the tea idea, i will email the picture to you !

sukigirl said...

I really think this is going to be lots of fun! I'm a bit obsessed with tea cosies right now.
I pick them up whenever I can and I've made a few of them myself. I only wish that there were more crochet patterns out there.
I'd love to post about your September theme on my blog!
cheers suki

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