Wednesday, November 24, 2010

First snow ... and handwarmers finished

Today we had the first snow. I think by now it is already gone again and it was not much. But little bear was delighted!
And little man was quite stunned when he looked out of the window this morning. I realized then that this is the first time that he sees - I mean really sees - snow!

When we went for a walk he was in his buggy. I gave him a bit of snow to touch. He was quite startled about how cold it is.

He still wanted to touch it again. But after two times he had enough. ;-)
But he did seem to quite enjoy how different the world looked.

I know - this photo does not really look too wintery. But I loved the red on the black-ish ground. It looks so pretty.

And wanna know something great?
Okay, if you do not wanna know you will have to stop reading here ... as I will tell you anyways. 
Just in time for the really cool weather I finished my handwarmers yesterday. FINALLY!

 Remember that I did not know what to do - whether to undo the first one or not because the bind-off I had tried looked so ruffly ....
Sometime last week I decided that I would HAVE to finish them now. 

I really needed to finish something as the whole lot of projects going on had kinda brought my mood down.

So I picked up the almost done second handwarmer and started the bind-off. I figured even if it is ruffly and not perfect - better than not having any handwarmer at all.
But you know what happened. 
The second one did not turn out ruffly AT ALL!!!

It looked gorgeous!

So, it turned out that I must have done something wrong the first time I tried this bind-off. As I did not even know WHAT it was that I did wrong I did not even have a choice but to undo the first one - unless I wanted to have to handwarmers that did not match. 
Unpicking the first one was quite a pain. Luckily a handwarmer is not that big! I finally had it all undone and did the bind-off. And it turned out as beautifully as the first one. 
So if you want to finish some knitting with some beautiful picot edge - go HERE to read how it is done.

 I am totally loving my new handwarmers. Especially since I can wear them three different ways. With thumbhole - without - and folded over. They always look cute.

And FYI - no I do not always wear pink glittery nail polish. This is actually the second time since about a year (?) that I wear any nail polish. (The first time it was black.) And in my defense when I bought that nail polish last week it looked like a dark red in the bottle. I was just a bit shocked when I got home and showed it off and my daughter screamed 

"My favourite color!"

And my only thought was - no, it is NOT PINK!

Well, I was very tired when I bought it ....

But you can tell from the pictures that it is true - me not regularly wearing it. I mean apart from the fact that it is probably not very well applied ....
Hubby was apparently so stunned by the look of nailpolish that he managed to photograph my polished nails ... and kinda forgot that the purpose of the pictures was to show off my handwarmers and the cute picot edge ...
Oh well ...

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Anji* said...

Lol! I was so busy looking at your hands with the cones that I had to scoll back up to look at the handwarmers after reading your comment at the end! They look great - I love the colours you used.

And I vividly remember both my kids' first encounters with snow - it is amazing :)

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