Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Awesome sugar cookie bars

I wanted to share this recipe with you already a while ago. I did not forget. I just did not get to do it. But here it is. 
If you like cookies that are quick to make and make a big batch - check out this recipe from 

There you can also find really pretty pictures of the bars! Not such a lame one as mine. :-) And a recipe for some forsting. I did not use frosting simply because I do not want little man to eat so much sugar. Feel bad enough about giving him cookies .... But when he is older I will definitely try these cookies with frosting, too.

They might not look totally exciting. 

But believe me - THEY ARE GOOD!!!

I made them twice already and they are awesome. The dough comes toegether really quickly!
And then all you need to do is slap the dough onto a baking sheet! That is it! 
No dropping spoonfuls of dough ... no rolling and cutting ... just put it all on the sheet. And then sprinkle whatever you like on it. I love the chocolate sprinkles - of course. :-)
Little bear loves colorful sprinkles. The more colors the better!
I try to give little man pieces with almost no sprinkles. Btw, he goes totally crazy when hes sees the cookie bars. He LOVES them. Okay, he pretty much loves everything edible. But still ... he seems to REALLY like these.
The bars are best when they are still a bit chewy - so be careful not to overbake them. 
The only drawback - even though the recipe makes a very generous batch - they do not last any longer than the usual recipes ... :-(


Barb said...

Oh....they look oh so yummy!!

Sue said...

Love the variety of your sugar cookie bars! They look so delicious and festive! Glad you and your family enjoyed them!
BTW, I think your photo looks great!

Little Cooties said...

YUM! they look great and i love that you don't have to drop spoonfuls onto the tray - quick and easy = perfect!

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