Tuesday, November 30, 2010

First of Advent

I hope you guys had a nice first of Advent?!

I did have a good day - rather unexpectedly I have to say! 
(Needless to add that little man got sick again on Friday so we kinda hat to change all our plans ...) 

We went to a itty-bitty tiny Advent market at the castle in our village. It was nice. I actually much prefer the small tiny markets with the kids. At the big markets they just get totally over stimulated and in the end there is not much more for them to do anyway. Most stalls are for grown-ups. So the tiny market was perfect.
Little bear went on a carrousel ride and on a pony ride! That was her highlight of the day! :-)
And she was allowed to pick some sweets.
I got myself a candied apple and some hot mead (I hope that is the correct translation. I am talking about that honey wine ...) - which little man, who I carried in the baby wrap - was REALLY interested in! He was very determined to taste it - I did not let him. But he definitely was determined to try ... Luckily we had his waterbottle with us and could trick him into that.

Then we went back home and ate some cookies. Only storebought ones as I did not have the time yet to bake some myself. But it still was quite nice. Oh, we did have some homemade ones actually. My sister visited us and brought some! Lovely!!!
And we also made some straw stars together!!! FUN!
So watch out for a tutorial on straw stars coming up during the week! :-)

I actually wanted to show off my advent wreath - which is not a wreath at all actually. But the photos I took look horrible. So I have to take some again ... Stupid dark winter light! *arg*

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Paula said...

so cute!

have a nice time,

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