Sunday, October 10, 2010

The winner of the cute Sleepy Cat Tea Cozy is ...


(Number 11 as chosen by the random number generator.)


I will be in touch soon!

And to all of you who have entered - thank you SO much for all those lovely birthday comments! 
It was so awefully nice to read them all!
And thanks so much to ELLIE from Bustle and Sew to give away the cute cozy and to write such a lovely guest post! 
And thanks for making people sending me birthday wishes. ;-) 
It was great! 

I had the sweetest birthday celebrating with my kids, my hubby, and one of my sisters. 
I got cake - even with candles on top! Love that! 
I even got flowers. 
(From my sister. Hubby is not much of a flower giver.)
I got beautiful presents! Seriously!
Among others I got a gift coupon to a baking supply specialty store! WOW! So I finally will get that candy thermometer and the fudge making can start! :-D
I got a bunch of books. I LOVE books! 
I sometimes seriously think I should have become a librarian! :-)
One is a lovely sewing book about machine embroidery. I was never keen on machine embroidering but this book looks so fun! And I figured it might be good practise for quilting. Hoping that later today I finally can try something out ... very excited and a bit anxious at the same time.
I got to go to a huge craft trade show  the next day - which I will be writing a blog post about.
Hubby took care of the kids all day and I had the whole day off! I have not had a whole day off eversince little man was born - so almost a year. Felt weird at first - but time was flying by at the craft trade show! Was so great. You will see.

For the followers of the tea lovers roundup - it was SO much fun featuring so many lovely projects! 
I would have had MANY MANY more to feature ... but I ran out of time. 
I was thinking about just extending the whole featuring ... but then I did not do that. It did take up alot of time and also I was quite happy to start some new projects ... and if I would have kept going I probably would have never stopped! ;-)
So I decided I will put all the other links I have saved into one big post so you can all enjoy it. There are MANY links and it will take me a bit to get the post together. Also if you come across some tea-project you are welcome to still send me links - I will put them into the link list. (Even if you happen to read this in half a year or later ... ) ;-)
And who knows - maybe I will do this featuring again next year for my birthday ... it really was so much fun!

I have got SO many posts to write and emails to answer ... please bear with me ... :-)


sukigirl said...

Thanks for the great giveaway to both you an Ellie.
Glad you had a great birthday!

Faith Hope Cherrytea ~ said...

loving your tea roundup idea & will look fwd to your doing it again :) please do add me to the list ... thank you !
and happy b'day from a b'day sister~ my party post is oct 5th at FHC if you'd like to visit :)

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