Sunday, October 10, 2010

Another block finished and .... PANIC!

So yesterday I was lying in bed and thinking that now that baby boy is better we could try to get back into some kind of rhythm ...
that I could try to finally get some projects started ...
err ... or finished ...
and while I was thinking I realized that baby boy's birthday is in less than TWO WEEKS!


I will have to finish his quilt until then!!! 
I actually told myself it is alright to just finish the top - there is NO way I can finish it all, with batting and quilting and everything. Just to get the top ready will already be quite a challenge ...

And even worse - I have to plan his birthday party! 
I mean I usually like planning parties ... but I DO need some time. I do not like to rush stuff and I do not like to have to rush several projects at a time ...
So what do I do?

I was thinking of a bird or duck themed party as I wanted it to be not "girly" but not totally "boyish" either. (No cars or dinosaurs or stuff.) 
And baby boy LOVES birds. 
He spend all summer each morning and evening in our garden watching the magpies. 
And he loves ducks, too! 
Anyway ... so that was the theme. 
And I wanted to make cookies rather than a huge cake that he would not be allowed to eat. 
It is hopeless to try to sneak food somewhere without him noticing it - and wanting it! 
But other than that ...

I am actually kinda thinking ... maybe I should just relax. He does not need a big party. He does not care for it anyway. All he wants is some cookies - whether without ducks or with ducks he probably does not care. Maybe I should just stop worrying about it and just bake some cookies, invite the grandparents, uncles and aunts ... and have a nice time together. Go visit the ducks at the lake or something ... ;-)

On the other side I think - hey, it is his 1st birthday. It is special. He should have a big party with decorations and everything. (No idea what everything actually means though.) 

So I am kinda torn ...
Do you have any advice?
What did you do at your kid's 1st birthday?
Big party?
Or rather relaxed affair?
I am really not sure ...

I did finish this block for the baby quilt last week. Loving it!
Am working on two others right now ...


Vic said...

For my Punk's first birthday I hung up a kinda sad string of balloons & made her a cake... the end. Oh, and blew up a massive beach ball for her to play with when she got out of bed because she is a ball fan... and she loved it!

She was in awe of the balloons & couldn't believe the size of the ball... honestly, it doesn't take much to make a 1 yo happy - all that extra stuff (even the cake - or cookies in your case!) is really more for the grown-ups benefit!

As for a party - nope, just a couple of family members popping by with presents in the afternoon, by which time she was a bit tired & overwhelmed anyway - having a big deal made out of you all day can be tiring!

Give yourself a break, relax & just enjoy the special "He's only 1 once" time with your baby boy - you'll be glad you did instead of stressing out & missing out on just being with him, in the moment. :)

Care said...

ADORABLE sheep!!

As far as the party goes... Make a big cake, because that is the fun part for you! BUT -- make him a little mini cake all his own, and let him stick his hands in it and play with it. It is unlikely he will eat much of it anyway!

Do have a party, but keep it very simple. Do fun decorations, like balloons, and make a big deal out of opening a couple presents. But it doesn't have to be an all-out festival! Keep it relaxed so YOU can relax!

Tanya said...

Relax and enjoy his special day with some close relatives. You have many years to do fancier parties when he's old enough to enjoy them. Until then, the fancy parties would be for you. Nothing wrong with that, but it's not worth getting all stressed out about. My boys both celebrated their first birthdays at home, with parents and grandparents and Uncle Q. I can't remember what I served for my oldest's meal, but for the youngest, we had a big batch of beef and bean chili (crockpot, so no last-minute worries), garlic monkey bread, crispy bread sticks, fresh veggies & fruits, and a carrot cake.

Sarah Craig said...

My daughter had family and a few friends with little kids for my granddaughter's first birthday - and it was fun and fine! Keep low expectations - babies never do what you think they will or should at their own party! Just have fun and go with the flow!!

Hands Sew Full said...

OK now that little sheep is cute! As for the Birthday... don't sweat it too much. Yes it IS important, but him having a de-stressed Mamma is more important. I love your idea of having cookies and family over and spending a day with the ducks! That sounded perfect to me. Take lots of pictures! They want to see later that they were loved and the centre of attention for the day...that is it! For my son's first B-day we had a couple of friends to a play date in the afternoon, they that night his Aunties and Nanna came for cake, just an 8" round cake that I made and iced with Blue's Clue's paw prints. Have fun, it's a journey...not a destination!!

Anji* said...

Cute little lamb :)

We go all out on parties for our kids now, but for their 1st and 2nd birthdays we just went on days out with family - which is what is fun for them when they are little - I think.

Wendy said...

The quilt block is gorgeous!!

I wouldn't worry about a big party, he wont even know, but you will as you will be really stressed out trying to arrange it. Relax, bake some cookies, invite his grandparents round and let him play with his new toys. Save this big parties for when he knows what's going on.

Papgena Made It said...

I wouldn't do a big party but definitly you must have a party! Is his firt birthday! And ducks seems a great theme! Maybe you would find duck baloons and you could do a cake in a mama duck shape and some more little ducks shape...and bingo! you have your party going!
The quilt is tuning out great! So cute!

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