Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What is it about FABRIC?!

I am officially opening an Anonymous Fabric Addicts Club!!!!

Last weekend I had an AHA-moment. I was working on a shirt for my daughter but could for some reason not get the right tension of the thread on my sewing machine. It was always WAY too loose no matter what I did. I did not know what to do and wanted to check in the manual what I might have done wrong. Of course the manual was NOT where it is supposed to be where it usually is. So I started searching. The more I had to search the more angry I got. I hate when this happens. I had my pattern pieces lying around for weeks now and FINALLY got the chance to put them together and my sewing machine was on strike and I could not find that stupid manual that I KNEW I just had a couple days ago (which might have been the reason for the fact that I could not find it now). So I started to tear apart all fabric and stuff in order to find the manual. 

Of course I did NOT find it. My husband did. On the bathroom floor next to the toilet! 

You know, even if you might shake your head now in disbelieve - it does make kinda sense! This is actually the ONLY place where I can read in peace for 5 minutes. At least sometimes. Anyway ... back to the story. So I had torn apart all kinds of stuff I use for sewing (and stuff that for some strange reason gets dumped into my sewing stuff). So I also had to put it away again ... in order to get to my sewing machine. *blush* So I started folding and putting into boxes and stuff ... and more than one time when holding some fabric I thought "Wow, what nice fabric. I should really DO something with this." or "Oh, I completely forgot that I had that." or "And I wanted to finally sew something with this." .... Well, it kept going like this. You get the point. And it was at that time that I finally could understand my husband. He keeps telling me for quite some time now that I have too much fabric. GET OUT! But ... I mean, if I do not even remember all the fabric I have that must mean he is right?! (Please, do not tell him though! And honey, if you are reading this - pretend you didn't!) Just to use up all the fabric I own at the speed I am sewing right now would take me YEARS!!!! And still, even though one part of my brain told me - you have too much, you gotta use it up before you buy new ones, you don't even have space where to store it ... the other part kept going "No, you don't have any fleece. You gotta buy some fleece to make a nice jacket for yourselve. And you don't have any fabric that would work for the quilt for your daughter. Also you have nothing of that cute eylet fabric ... and that would make some really nice skirts .... And you were planning on making a skirt for yourself. If you are going to put so much time into something for yourself you gotta have the right fabric - which you don't have yet. And ..." You know if I wanted to write it all down I could go on for hours!!! 

What happened to me?! I am a rational person! But everytime I see a cute print ... I immediately think it would be SO nice to have that! And unfortunately the definition of what I find "cute" or "pretty" is broadening with each day! I am NOT kidding! This is scary! I am addicted! I mean ... I never thought that would happen. I see fabric everywhere! I mean - I know, fabric is everywhere. But you know, who actually pays attention to it. Well, I do. I sometimes look at people or homedecor article or whatever - and all I am thinking is "I bet I could make a really nice tunic out of that dress/ shawl/ curtain/... " I mean, okay, if you sew you need fabric. But it used to be JUST fabric to me. Now it is FABRIC! You know. You gotta have it. No matter whether you're gonna actually sew something with it. You need to own it, to touch it, to put it somewhere in your home ... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! 

Is there a cure?????
I need help!


Cook Clean Craft said...

Sorry - I can't offer any advice - I'm in the same place as you. I'm also a sucker for a remnants sale - it's so cheap, surely I can work out something to make with it. Now I've discovered all the wonderful quilting fabrics that don't just have to be used for quilting and that my baby-to-be is a little girl, and my sewing room is starting to bulge!

Care said...

Ha ha ha ha ha!! Well, when it starts spilling out of your sewing area and into your children's closets, THEN maybe you have too much...

...or maybe not!

Is there REALLY such a thing as TOO MUCH fabric? :o)

Anonymous said...

There is NO cure...only support from others like us :) xo

Crys said...

The only solution is to make more stuff!! or send some of your fabric my way :)

Miss Muffin said...

Oh, it is good to hear that I am not alone! :-)

Well, the problem is I don't even really have a sewing area. The machine just sits in the bedroom. Guess that makes the fabric problem even harder as I have no real place where to put it. Maybe I can come up with something in the basement ...


Can not part with fabric! Sorry! Try taking away fabric from a fabric addict! Not a wise choice! ;-)

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