Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Chocolate Box Cake

You know what that is? Okay, apart from chocolate or chocolate candy! 

Well, okay, not a real real cake. It's brownies. I made for my father for father's day a "Chocolate box" out of brownies, tiny chocolate bars and small chocolate candy. Oh, and frosting of course. I always wanted to do that. Actually it was supposed to look like a box of truffles or pralines (I hope that is English). But I could not buy any small truffles or chocolates around here. Who would have thought. So I changed the plan and made it all colorful with mini-smarties. 

I think my dad probably did not care too much for the looks anyway. ;-) He is the craziest chocolate lover I have ever seen! And I am already pretty bad. Probably genetic. 
As my dad is actually not supposed to eat that much chocolate anymore I made it all rather small and used miniature versions of everything and ate the rest of the brownies myself.

What do you think? I thought it turned out quite cute ...


Crys said...

Love it! It is making me hungry!

Sue Sparks said...

Wow, a chocolate lovers dream! I love all the color too!
BTW, I love your Pooh, and your Easter cakes..DARLING!

Sweet P said...

What an adorable cake - I mean brownies! Great job!

Gousblom (Odette) said...

Great cake - something the dad in our house would like too. Which reminds me, we have Father's day on the 20th & I still need a little gift......?!

Nicole said...

What a cute idea. I love it.

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