Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The makings - or rather not-makings - of a textured baby quilt

So this is my textured baby quilt!

Yeah ... well, okay okay. You are right. It is NOT my quilt. But it is PART of my quilt. To be completely honest - THE only part of my baby quilt finished so far! Yep. ONE piece.
It's pretty though, don't you think?
You know, I blame it on the quilt! Or ...?? *thinking* No, it's the quilt! Can't think of anything else to blame and gotta blame something!

So, just in case you want to hear the full story:
It started as an idea. I wanted to make a quilt for little man. And as little man LOVES to feal different things - he really does! - I thought I would like to use differently textured fabrics. And as I already had all kinds of weird furry, knit, smooth, silky, dotty, velvety ... fabric lying around I thought that would be perfect. And easy. I actually thought this could be EASY! I am quite sure that nursing or raising a little baby does something - hopefully reversible - to your brain. It really is not working properly anymore! (So I do not have to blame just the quilt. I could blame nursing as well!) 
So at first I thought I will just cut up the fabric into squares - sew them together - done!
But then I was wise enough to ask someone who actually KNOWS about quilting and she suggested that this might not be such a good idea as the fabric has totally different thickness. The seams would be all different - the thickness I mean. So it might be hard to actually get this all straight and nice. I also got a bit worried as there would be totally different kinds of fabrics that the quilting itself would not be easy or - even worse - not possible at all!
So after some thought - at least my brain still pretends to be thinking - I ditched the idea. And had a new one. I thought the second one would be better ... Well...
So I thought I will just use cotton fabric for the quilt - BUT to make it more interesting texture wise I will applique or embroider the pieces! Well, I did not get very far yet. 
I found this neat tutorial on how to do circle appliques and really liked the idea. Of course I did not think it through (again!) and jumped right in! The least thing you should think about if the whole process involves ironing that you should probably only use fabric that can be ironed ... Anyway ... Also the whole thing does not work too well - or not at all - with some non-cotton fabrics. So I had to partly ditch that idea again. So now I am not too sure what I will do ... I could just go with the embroidery ... and applique (no circles!) :-) But all very time consuming ... Well, we'll see.
I will definitely not give up! I know that much. But I have no idea how this quilt will turn out! So I guess it will just be a surprise for everyone - including me. 

Am just not too sure yet whether that is a good thing?

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Care said...

I say just keep doing what you're doing -- one square at a time -- and let it evolve as you go. Some of the best projects start that way!!

I love the block you've already finished!

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