Monday, May 24, 2010

How tiny is "tiny"?

So after writing the post about the sewing pins yesterday and adding the pictures I realized that in the pictures it is not really possible to see HOW tiny the pins and pin toppers really are. Especially since the pin cushions are really small, too. 
(I love those tiny flower pots. I got them at a flea market for a few cents! They are so cute!)
So I was thinking about what I could include in the photo to show the actual size. I was thinking about a coin - but figured that probably not all people are familiar with Euro-coins. So I tried to take a photo of the tea set in my hand - as you can see above. I was still not very happy with it. Then Care left a comment that I should take a photo with a coin or a ruler. YES, ruler. Why did I not think about that before! So here they come - photos with a ruler. Centimeters and inches!!! :-)

First the tea set - the top photo is always with centimeters as reference, the photo below always with inches.

Here comes a close up of the bee! You can see that the bee itself is only about an quarter inch.

The penguin - just for my husband to see. YES, I can do it! :-P

And a selection in one of the cute flower pots.

I did not want to take photos of all the ones I made again. Also simply did not have the time. They do not vary THAT much in size. But I remembered that I took one photo of all the ones I had made before putting them in the oven to dry. I was really scared that I would mess up the drying process and therefore took many photos before - just in case I would not be able to take pictures afterwards! ;-) So now you have all of them on top of an egg carton. This carton usually holds 10 eggs. I guess eggs are still pretty much a universal size ... :-)
And just in case you are wondering - yes, I did bake them with the egg carton. I did not want to put the pins down cause I was scared that they would flatten at one side if I do lay them down. The egg carton thing worked fine.


Care said...

WOW!! That BEE!! He's my absolute favorite!

Thanks for posting them with the ruler... they truly are amazing!!

Al said...

These are so cute!, I love 'em

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

Whoa! those ARE so cute!!!! I love mini things! In response to your question about word verification, oftentimes, I will leave a comment and go to click out when I see the word verification come up. Unfortunately, the window still closes and the comment is lost. Because I visit quite a few blogs everyday and leave quite a few comments, I don't go back and retype it. Also, sometimes if I know a blog has word verification and I'm in a hurry, I don't leave a comment. I know many people that feel the same way I do and have the same problems I do. Sorry you get a lot of spam. I know very few bloggers who do.

Aunt Spicy said...

seriously adorable! the mushrooms are just killing me with cuteness!

Lo Christine said...

So cute!!

Maria S said...

I saw your pins on One Pretty Thing and stopped by to comment. They are beautiful and cute! You are so talented! Keep up the great work!

Sue Sparks said...

Oh my gosh, I am such a sucker for tiny things! You have inspired me to do something about it! THANKS for sharing your talent!

Miss Muffin said...

@ Sue Sparks:

Oh, I am curious now! You gotta let me know what you are up to! :-)

Anonymous said...

In the UK an eggbox like that would have a dozen eggs not 10...

Miss Muffin said...

@ Anonymous:
Well, I am guessing that the eggs still are pretty much the same size ... your box ist probably just slightly larger. (We used to have boxes for a dozen eggs, too, over here. For some weird reason they changed that.)

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