Saturday, March 6, 2010


That was the thought I had this morning when I looked out of the window at 5am. I was nursing and had heard a weird sound that sounded a lot like a ... snow plow? I was hoping. Please let it be anything else ... but, no! There was snow outside. And quite alot! AGAIN!
I've had it! I do not want to see any more of the white stuff. I want spring and sunshine and warmth. As of today I am officially hibernating! So do not wonder if there is nothing happening on this blog. Unless I find a nice warm burrow with internet access. Preferably in Australia. ;-)
Of course we are all sick again. I think since the beginning of February there has not been a single day when not at least one member of this family was sick. Unfortunately most of the time the little man was sick, too. I've really had it with all that sickness. I do not want any more runny noses, coughs, ear or eye infections, stomach flus or whatever else there could be.
And to add to the whole misery ... our kettle broke. Yes, it is just a kettle. But a kettle means hot tea!!! Oh, and I also broke my favourite teapot this morning. If I was not nursing I would seriously consider drinking. No, not get completely drunk and wasted. But you know, have a nice cocktail. One with those paper umbrellas and cute cherries. Well, skip the paper umbrella and cherry. Don't care about them. But definitely with lots of rum! But since I have to feed the little man (At the moment pretty much EVERY HOUR since about 3 weeks!!! How long can a growth spurt be?) that is not an option.

Any other suggestions how you can survive all this cold stupid weather (that are compatible with nursing)?

P.S. Oh, there was one person in this house that was totally excited and happy about all the snow ... my sweet little daughter. So I guess it won't be the whole family that ends up in depression after all ...

EDIT: For the ones that do not live in Germany some extra-information: We had a week of nice and springlike weather that tricked us/ me into believing spring is here. That's why I hated to see all this snow again.


Lo Christine said...

We have great springlike weather here in Indiana now, but I am so fearful that snow is going to pop up again!!!

With bad weather, wWe survive our time indoors with lots of baking and crafting:)

Miss Muffin said...

Yeah, baking and crafting definitely is good. Am trying to do that, too. There are just two little kids always getting in the way ... ;-)

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