Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cardboard play town tutorial

If you have some big piece of cardboard packaging - don't throw it away! Look how much fun your kids can have with it! All you need is:

-big piece of cardboard (the bigger, the better!)
-markers - preferably water proof
-water colors and paint brushes
-optional: smaller cardboard boxes
-wooden blocks, toy animals, cars ... 

On a huge piece of cardboard I drew some streets with a permanent marker. That can actually be done by the kids as well but my daughter wanted me to do it. I just drew a very basic layout and added a store ("Kaufladen").

Then I gave my daughter her water colors and brushes ... and she was busy for a LONG time! :-)

After she was done (you can never be really done - the next day she continued to paint on it) she added her plastic animals, toy cars, building blocks, and cardboard boxes to it and played with it.

Apparently there must be some big sale or something at the store ... the parking lot is pretty packed. Maybe we should send the police over ... that kind of parking is not allowed! We added the blue cardboard box on the upper right hand corner as a garage ... but obviously there are either too many cars ... or it's just too far to walk from the garage to the store ...
I LOVE the red house she painted on the lower right hand corner! So cute!
And that big brownish thing on the left side at the bottom is a lake! I asked her why she would color the lake brown and not blue? Well ... "Because the ducks made poo-poo into it!" Why did I have to ask ...

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